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S1720&S2700&S3700&S5700&S6700 Series Switches Product Troubleshooting - Preliminary-1 Instructions for Maintenance Engineers

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1  Instructions for Maintenance Engineers

1.1  Precautions

A maintenance engineer must read the following precautions before locating and troubleshooting faults:

  • Strictly conform to operation rules and industrial safety standards, ensuring human and device safety.
  • Confirm whether the fault is an emergency fault. If it is an emergency fault, immediately recover the faulty module using the pre-defined troubleshooting methods immediately, and then restore services.
  • Take ESD protection measures, for example, wear an ESD wrist strap when replacing or maintaining device components.
  • Record original information about the problems occurring during troubleshooting.
  • Record all the operations you have performed, especially the key operations such as restarting device and clearing database. Before performing the key operations, confirm the operation feasibility, back up data, and prepare the emergency and security measures. Only qualified personnel can perform key operations.

1.2  Backing Up Data

A fault may cause loss for customers. Therefore, maintenance engineers need to focus on preventing faults and quickly recovering faults. Data backup helps quickly locate and recover faults. After a network is set up and operates properly, maintenance engineers must back up important data as soon as possible.

Important data includes:

  • Complete network topology, including device models, versions, and networking diagram
  • Configuration files and license files
  • System software and patch files
  • Logs
  • Signature files

1.3  Troubleshooting Process

The troubleshooting process includes observing fault symptoms, collecting information, analyzing problems, and finding the root cause.

Figure 1-1  Troubleshooting process 

All possible causes of a fault can be grouped into multiple cause sets, which lowers problem complexity. Systematic troubleshooting is to find fault causes step by step, and finally recover the fault.

1.4  Asking for Help

Huawei Technical Support Website

You can visit Huawei technical support website to:

  • Search for troubleshooting cases to find a way to fix your problems.
  • Post your questions on BBS and receive answers from online technical experts.

Huawei Global Service Hotline and Email Address

If the fault cannot be fixed, log in to to obtain the Huawei global service hotline or Email address.

ad8587b85f9a4ca89053a7d50f86ba87 NOTE:
  • Before dialing the hotline, prepare related information such as device information and fault symptom to improve fault locating efficiency.

  • If you send a mail to Huawei, describe the device and fault information in your email to help locate faults.

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S1720&S2700&S3700&S5700&S6700 Series Switches Product Troubleshooting - Preliminary-1 Instructions for Maintenance Engineers
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