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RSVP issue on Huawei - Juniper - Huawei devices

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This post was last edited by Bart_Oxy at 2018-12-06 10:52.    Hello, I have a issue about LSP transit for RSVP protocol on Juniper and Huawei devices.

I`d like to start a RSVP tunnel through Huawei1 --> Huawei2 --> Juniper --> Huawei3. Tunnel is not estabishing, beacuse Juniper blocks create LSP to directly connected Huawei.
Everything works when I create tunnel through Huawei1 --> Huawei2 or Huawei1 --> Juniper. Juniper MX104 works correctly as Ingress or Ergress, but not works as a transit device.
Juniper does not have any entries in the mpls.0 table (which serves as a transit table) for RSVP (LSP paths, of course, work flawlessly)

What could be wrong?
What was done:

1. family mpls enabled on interfaces directly connected to others Huawei switches
2. Interfaces above added to protocol RSVP
3. Interfaces above added to protocol mpls. I create some test tunnels (as ingress works correctly - LSP works)
4. traffic-engineering is enabled, in future I`d like to use fast-reroute.

Configuration and info about my verification:
mpls te 
mpls te auto-frr 
mpls rsvp-te 
mpls rsvp-te hello
mpls rsvp-te srefresh 
mpls te cspf

interface Vlanif580 
ip address IP1 
pim sm 
ospf cost 30 
mpls mtu 9000 
mpls te 
mpls rsvp-te 
mpls rsvp-te hello 
mpls ldp

ospf 1 
opaque-capability enable   
network IP1 MASK1  
netowrk IP2 MASK2  
mpls-te enable

user-admin@rt01-jn-01# show protocols rsvp 
traceoptions {     file rsvp-log; }
interface xe-0/2/0.580;
interface xe-1/1/0.500;
interface ae1.530;
interface lo0.0;  

user-admin@rt01-jn-01# show protocols mpls 
label-switched-path to-rt02-hw-01
{     from IP1;    
       to IP2;    
       no-cspf; }
label-switched-path to-rt02-hw-02
{     from IP3;   
       to IP4; }
interface xe-0/2/0.580;
interface xe-1/1/0.500;
interface ae1.530;
interface lo0.0;


1. RSVP sessions are UP - when Juniper works as Ingress
2. Neighborship with Huawei is established - my question: neighborship was established only on ip addresses of connected interfaces (on loopback interfaces there is an IDLE status) - I think it`s correct state, because on ip address of connected  interfaces routers "speak" together, am I right?

RSVP neighbor: 6 learned
Address                       Idle    Up/Dn LastChange HelloInt HelloTx/Rx MsgRcvd
Loopback-Neighbor1 1:07:38  0/0  5d 8:33:26        9 51423/0    0
Loopback-Neighbor2 1:07:38  0/0  5d 8:33:26        9 51423/0    0
Loopback-Neighbor3 1:07:38  0/0  5d 8:33:26        9 51423/0    0
IntAddr-Neighbor1     0  1/0  4d 20:03:10        9 144151/139146 21182
IntAddr-Neighbor2     0  1/0  4d 19:56:25        9 144083/139033 20998
IntAddr-Neighbor3     0  1/0  4d 19:59:07        9 144140/139108 10631

Maybe someone know, where I make a mistake?
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lizhi94 Created Dec 19, 2018 03:12:56 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Hello author
Your question involves docking with Juniper. We can't give an immediate response. We need lab recurrence, or live network analysis. This phenomenon requires special packet capture analysis. You can contact our TAC team to create a SR single, find a special test team to analyze your question, can you provide your country and city, so that we can provide you with the corresponding TAC team contact information.
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