RH2288 V3 iBMC and BIOS Passwords Are Forgotten Highlighted

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【Problem Description】:

The iBMC and BIOS passwords of an RH2288 V3 are forgotten. and no OS or CD/DVD-ROM drive is installed, and the jumpers are found for the jumper cap. After the CMOS battery is removed, the problem persists.

【Applicable Version】

V3 server

【Problem Analysis】:

Since both the BIOS and iBMC passwords are forgotten, the BIOS password can be restored or reset only after the iBMC password is restored or reset.

Step 1. Use a serial cable to log in to the U-Boot and restore the default iBMC configuration.

Restore the default configuration using U-Boot commands.

1. Log in to the server using PuTTY.

2. Press and hold the UID button to restart the iBMC.

3. Press Ctrl+B immediately when the system displays the message "Hit ';ctrl + b'; to stop autoboot: 1."

4. Enter the default U-Boot password.

The default password of the U-Boot for a V3 server is Huawei12#$, and the default password for a V5 server is Admin@9000.

The following command output indicates that you are logged in to the U-Boot.


5. Run the following command to query the U-Boot version:

printenv ver

6. Restore datafs.

If the U-Boot version is 1.1.37 or earlier, run the following commands:

fsload /usr/upgrade/datafs.jffs2


If the U-Boot version is later than 1.1.37, run the following command:


7. Run the following command to restart the iBMC:


Wait for about 3 minutes. When the restart is complete, the iBMC default configuration is restored.

Step 2. Restore the BIOS password to the default password Huawei12#$ by modifying the biosimage.hpm file in the BIOS package.

Note: If the BIOS password of an RH5885 V3, RH5885H V3, and RH8100 V3 is forgotten, and the .bin file needs to be modified.

【Conclusion and Solution】

Conclusion: Restore the iBMC password and then the BIOS password.

Solution: Restore the default iBMC configuration on the U-Boot CLI.

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