Release Notice for Huawei Certification HCNP-Transmission V2.0 (English Version)

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Release Notice for Huawei Certification HCNP-Transmission V2.0 (English Version)

Huawei Certification HCNP-Transmission V2.0 (English Version) has been released globally on December 20, 2018.

1.    Overview

Huawei follows the “platform + ecosystem” development strategy, which has set up a complete certification system consisting of three categories for infrastructure technicians, developers, industry users: ICT infrastructure certification, ICT developer certification and ICT vertical certification, and provides three levels of technical certification: Associate, Professional, and Expert. 

Huawei Certification covers all ICT technical fields and opens a new direction of career certification. Leveraging this certification program, Huawei is committed to developing new ICT professionals with sufficient practical skills, innovation capabilities in converged areas, and dynamic growth over a long term.

HCNP-Transmission V2.0 is an ICT convergence certification, is positioned to provide the capacity training and capability certification for senior engineers at Huawei transmission network field.

In order to match the demand of the enterprise for the transmission network talents, the HCNP-Transmission V2.0 has been greatly adjusted compared to the previous version (V1.0). The original two certifications (HCNP-Transmission-MSTP, HCNP-Transmission-OTN) will be combined into one certification (HCNP-Transmission), covering both OTN and MSTP directions, focusing on the mainstream direction O****echnology, and adding the introduction of new technologies, such as MS-OTN/SOM/FD/400G/TSDN, and introducing the PCM technology which is unique to enterprise networks.

Through the systematic learning of HCNP-Transmission V2.0 and pass the certification, it proves that you have the ability to build and maintain Huawei transmission network.

2.    Product Introduction

HCNP- Transmission V2.0 includes items as listed below

HCNP- Transmission V2.0 training outline

HCNP- Transmission V2.0 exam outline

HCNP- Transmission V2.0 training timetable

HCNP- Transmission V2.0 training materials

HCNP- Transmission V2.0 lab guide

HCNP- Transmission V2.0 lab equipment list

HCNP- Transmission V2.0 lab-build guide

3.    Training Description

3.1 Training Materials

Change Action

Changes in V2.0 Compared with V1.0



Newly Added

SOM Special Topic,   Intelligent Fiber Management System Special Topic, NG WDM Packet Technology   Introduction, MS-OTN Networking and Service Introduction, OSN 1800V Packet Service   Configuration, New Technology Special Topics, PCM Technology Special Topic



OptiX WDM ALC Special   Topic, OptiX WDM IPA Special Topic, OptiX WDM APE Special Topic, SDH   Equipment Commissioning, SDH Complex Networking, SDH Equipment Interconnection,   SDH Routine Maintenance



OptiX WDM System   Hardware, OptiX WDM Device Networking and Applications, OptiX WDM Common Data   Configuration, OptiX WDM Optical Layer Service Configuration, OptiX WDM   Electrical Layer Service Configuration, OptiX WDM Device Commissioning, OptiX   WDM System Common Index Test, OptiX WDM Equipment Protection, OptiX WDM   Equipment Routine Maintenance, OptiX WDM Alarm Signal Flow, OptiX WDM System   Troubleshooting, MSTP Board Replacement, Discrete Service Analysis and   Handling, Ethernet Common Index Test, Clock Protection Special Topic, ECC   Maintenance Special Topic, Pointer Justification Special Topic, MSTP System   Troubleshooting, ASON Intelligent Optical Network


3.2 Lab Guide 

Change Action

Changes in V2.0 Compared with V1.0



Newly Added

SOM Practice Guide,   Intelligent Fiber Management System Practice Guide, OSN 1800V Packet Service   Configuration Practice Guide, PCM Service Configuration Practice Guide



OptiX WDM Common Data   Configuration Practice Guide, OptiX WDM Alarm Signal Flow Practice Guide,   OptiX WDM System Troubleshooting Practice Guide, SDH Equipment Commissioning   Practice Guide, SDH Complex Networking Practice Guide, SDH Board Replacement   Practice Guide, Ethernet Service Common Index Test Practice Guide, Clock   Protection Practice Guide, Equipment Interconnection Practice Guide, ECC   Maintenance Special Topic Practice Guide, Pointer Justification Special Topic   Practice Guide, SDH Routine Maintenance Practice Guide, MSTP System   Troubleshooting Practice Guide



OptiX WDM Optical   Layer Service Configuration Practice Guide, OptiX WDM Electrical Layer   Service Configuration Practice Guide, OptiX WDM Equipment Commissioning   Practice Guide, OptiX WDM Equipment Protection Practice Guide


3.3 Training Duration

The HCNP-Transmission V2.0 training duration is 15 working days

3.4 Lab Environment 

For detailed equipment models and lab environment, please refer to HCNP-Transmission V2.0 Equipment List and HCNP-Transmission V2.0 Lab-build Guide.

3.5HALP/HAINA Resources

HCNP-Transmission   V2.0



HALP/HAINA can participate HQ centralized   training or self-taught with the Huawei HCNP- Transmission e-Learning courses   (will be available in December, 2018).

HALP/HAINA Certification

Need to pass written, lab and an oral quiz exams,   then apply for HCSI certification from Huawei.

4.    Exam Availability

After the HCNP- Transmission V2.0 officially released. The written qualification exam will be available at Pearson VUE test center on November 30, 2018. The exam includes three types of questions, single choice questions, multiple choice questions and judgment questions.

The Pearson VUE website link is:


Certification Program

Exam Code

Exam Title

Exam Location

Exam Time

Pass Score /Full Score

HCNP- Transmission V2.0


HCNP- Transmission

Pearson VUE

90 min


5.    Release Area

HCNP- Transmission V2.0 certification has been released globally to support channel and internal engineers, as well as graduates and external engineers wishing to obtain professional certification and support transmission network construction with Huawei transmission equipment.

6.    Product Availability

All related materials can be found within the Enterprise BG (EBG) Training and Certification Department Server. For those wishing to obtain these course materials, please contact the assigned contact person to request for access permission.

Huawei Customers

English materials

HALP Instructors

English materials

HAINA Instructors

English materials



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