Release Notice for Huawei Certification HCNA-AI V1.0 (English Version)

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Release Notice for Huawei Certification HCNA-AI V1.0 (English Version)

HCNA-AI V1.0 (English Version) is officially released on Dec. 25, 2018 worldwide.

1. Overview

Based on the new ICT infrastructure featuring cloud-pipe-device synergy, Huawei provides infrastructure technical personnel, developers, and industry users with ICT Architecture Certification, ICT Developer Certification, and Industry ICT Certification, respectively. To meet ICT professionals' learning and advancement requirements, Huawei offers three levels of certification: Huawei Certified Network Associate (HCNA), Huawei Certified Network Professional (HCNP), and Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert (HCIE).

Huawei certification covers all ICT fields, which is in line with the trend of ICT convergence. With its leading talent development system and certification standards, Huawei is committed to developing new ICT professionals in the digital era and building a healthy ICT talent ecosystem.

The fourth revolution of science and technology, driven by ICT networks and AI, is leading us towards an intelligent world where all things can sense, all things are connected, and all things are intelligent. In October 2018, Huawei Rotating Chairman Eric Xu announced Huawei’s AI strategy, as well as its full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio. Huawei’s AI portfolio includes its new Ascend series of AI chips – the world’s first AI IP and chip series designed for a full range of scenarios. The portfolio also includes new products and cloud services that are built on Ascend chip capabilities. With its full-stack AI portfolio, Huawei aims to provide pervasive intelligence to help drive industry development and build a fully connected, intelligent world. However, the gap of AI talent in this world is very large. To seize this historic opportunity and accelerate the construction of the AI talent ecosystem, we hereby release the HCNA-AI certification to develop AI professionals with basic AI knowledge and can use open source AI frameworks for application development and innovation.

HCNA-AI V1.0 is a kind of engineer career certification for ICT practitioners, Huawei's users, Huawei engineers, Huawei partners' engineers, and college students. Content of HCNA-AI V1.0 includes but is not limited to: AI overview, Python programming and experiments, mathematics basics and experiments, TensorFlow introduction and experiments, Deep Learning pre-knowledge, Deep Learning overview, Huawei cloud EI overview, and application experiments for image recognition, speech recognition and human-machine dialogue.

2. Product Overview

Through the preparation for HCNA-AI V1.0, you will systematically understand and grasp Python programming, essential mathematics knowledge in AI, basic programming methods using TensorFlow (a machine learning and Deep Learning platform framework), pre-knowledge and overview of Deep Learning, overview of Huawei cloud EI, basic programming for image recognition, speech recognition, and human-machine dialogue. With this certification, you have required knowledge and techniques for AI pre-sales basic support, AI after-sales technical support, AI products sales, AI project management, and are qualified for positions such as natural language processing (NLP) engineers, image processing engineers, speech processing engineers and machine learning algorithm engineers.

The list of HCNA-AI V1.0 training products are as follows:

HCNA-AI V1.0 Training Outline

HCNA-AI V1.0 Exam Outline

HCNA-AI V1.0 Training Materials

HCNA-AI V1.0 Experiment Manual

HCNA-AI V1.0 Curriculum

HCNA-AI V1.0 Development Environment Establishment Manual

3. Training Description

3.1     Training Materials

The training materials of HCNA-AI V1.0 are as follows:

  • Overview of Artificial Intelligence

  • Python Programming Basics

  • Math Basics

  • TensorFlow Overview

  • Propaedeutics and Overview of Deep Learning

  • Overview of Huawei Cloud EI

3.2     Experiment Guides

The experiment guides of HCNA-AI V1.0 are as follows:

  • Python Programming Basics Experiment Guide

  • Math Basics Experiment Guide

  • TensorFlow Programming Basics Experiment Guide

  • Image Recognition Programming Experiment Guide

  • Speech Recognition Programming Experiment Guide

  • Human-Machine Dialogue Programming Experiment Guide

3.3     Duration

The HCNA-AI V1.0 training lasts for 6 working days.

3.4     Experiment Environment

The experiments can be performed by leasing Huawei Elastic Compute Service (ECS). For details, see the HCNA-AI V1.0 Development Environment Establishment Manual in the training product list.

4. HALP/HAINA Trainer



HALP/HAINA trainer   enablement

HALP/HAINA trainers   can build their knowledge by taking e-Learning courses.

HALP/HAINA trainer   certification

HALP/HAINA trainers   can apply for the certificate as a Huawei certified trainer after passing the   related certification exams and lab exams and delivering successful trial   lectures.


5. Exam Description

The written test of HCNA-AI V1.0 includes single-answer questions, multiple-answer questions, and true or false questions. The exam questions have been released on the Pearson VUE platform on Dec. 25, 2018. You can schedule the exam on the Pearson VUE website:

Certification Program

Exam Code

Exam Name

Exam Platform

Exam Duration

Qualified Score/Total




(Huawei Certified Network   Associate-Artificial Intelligence)

Pearson VUE

90 minutes



6. Release Scope and Target Customers

HCNA-AI V1.0 is officially released worldwide on Dec. 25, 2018.

The certification targets ICT practitioners, Huawei's users, partner engineers, ISV engineers, field engineers, and colleague students.

7. Product Information and Documentation

The HCNA-AI V1.0 certification is developed by the Enterprise Business Training & Certification Dept. Visit the following links to obtain the documentation of the training products.

Huawei's Users


HALP Trainer


HAINA Trainer


Huawei Employee


Huawei Training Manager



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When will the e-learning videos in English language will be released ?

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sahussaini 发表于 2018-12-26 06:12 Hi When will the e-learning videos in English language will be released ?
Hi, sahussaini, The HCNA-AI video course is planned to release in early April, 2019. Thanks.
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HCNP UC course where i can find the material
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I don't have the privilege to download it
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Becky_2019 Created Dec 30, 2019 02:09:05
Hello. please try to download from this link:  


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