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Radio Resource Management

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Configuring Radio Calibration

  • Radio calibration does not take effect on radios enabled with WDS or Mesh functions.

  • When configuring 40 MHz or 80 MHz calibration bandwidth, check whether channels of the corresponding bandwidth exist under the country code.
  • To ensure a good calibration effect, you are advised to configure at least three calibration channels.
  • When configuring a radio calibration set, avoid using radar channels.

Configuring Load Balancing

The load balancing function applies to scenarios where there is a high degree of overlap between APs' coverage ranges. If APs engaged in load balancing are far from each other, a STA may connect to a distant AP, which affects wireless experience of users.

When the load difference between APs reaches the load difference threshold, some STAs may access the network slowly because the APs will reject access requests of STAs according to the load balancing algorithm. If a STA continues sending association requests to an AP, the AP allows the STA to associate when the number of consecutive association attempts of the STA exceeds the maximum number of rejection times.

In static load balancing mode, APs providing the same services are manually added to a load balancing group. When a STA needs to access a WLAN, it sends an Association Request packet to an AC through an AP. The AC determines whether to permit access from the STA according to a load balancing algorithm. The implementation of static load balancing must meet the following conditions.
  • If dual-band APs are used, traffic is load balanced among APs working on the same frequency band.
  • Each load balancing group supports a maximum of 16 AP radios.

Configuring Band Steering

  • To allow an STA to preferentially associate with the 5 GHz radio and achieve a better access effect, configure larger power for the 5 GHz radio than the 2.4 GHz radio.
  • Single-radio devices do not support the band steering function.
  • The AP2010DN does not support the band steering function.

Configuring Dynamic EDCA Parameter Adjustment

The AP3010DN-AGN, AP5010DN-AGN, AP5010SN-GN, and AP6310SN-GN do not supprot this function.

Configuring Automatic Per Packet Power Adjustment

The AP7030DE and AP9330DN do not support this function.

Configuring the Smart Antenna Function

  • Models supporting smart antenna: AP7030DE and AP7050DE.
  • The smart antenna function cannot take effect if beamforming or MU-MIMO has been configured.

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