[Q&A how to auto backup file to FTP server]Is it possible to auto backup configuration file to FTP sever on Huawei Switch

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Huawei switch has below command to auto back configuration file, the command can be below:

<HUAWEI> system-view

[*HUAWEI] configuration file auto-save                             ///enable configuration file auto-save function.

[*HUAWEI] configuration file auto-save backup-to-server server transport-type sftp user admin1234 password Helloworld@6789            ///enable backup function. This command is just a example, you can change it according your situation.


Here you raised a new question “Regarding procedures to restore from acquired files”, do currently customer also want to restore from a specific files?


I think you just need to upload the configuration file to device, then set the next startup configuration

<HUAWEI> startup saved-configuration newcfg.cfg

After this, just reboot the device.

You can refer to below link to get more details.



please pay attention to the precautions first, before you configure this command, you must enable “configuration file auto-save”.



Before using this command, run the configuration file auto-save command; and enable FTP, SFTP, or TFTP on the server, otherwise, the configuration file auto-save backup-to-server command does not take effect. The system cancels the operation of periodically saving the configuration file in the following scenarios:

·        The configuration file is being written.

·        The LPU is recovering the configuration.

·        The CPU usage is high.


Below link is for the command “configuration file auto-save”:




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useful document, thanks
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The command is not working for me...?
Version 5.170
HUAWEI S6720-30C-EI-24S-AC

I preferd to have a backup of the saved-configuration every 12h and after every save command
in .cfg format. Is there a solution for that?

Thank you
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