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Q&A: How Do I Obtain COMM Licenses for CE Series Switch?

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A: COMM licenses need to be obtained in the following scenarios: new site projects and capacity expansion projects.

Obtaining COMM Licenses for New Site Projects

For new site projects with contracts, COMMlicenses are generated according to the orders. Onsite engineers need todownload and install the licenses bound to ESNs.
Two methods are available for obtainingCOMM licenses in this scenario: entitlement activation and password activation.In entitlement activation mode, select the specified entitlement ID, bind it tothe network element (NE), and activate the entitlement. This mode is applicableto scenarios where the mappings between entitlements and NEs are clarified.
                              Step 1     Find the license certificate in the deliveryaccessories and obtain the entitlement ID (LAC) or activation ID.
Q&A: How Do I Obtain COMM Licenses for CE Series Switch?-2657367-1
The license certificate is provided tocustomers in ** papers or CD-ROMs.
Q&A: How Do I Obtain COMM Licenses for CE Series Switch?-2657367-2
                              Step 2     Log in to the device and run the displayesn command in any view to obtain the ESN of the device.
                              Step 3     Log in to the ESDP system at
                              Step 4     Activate the license.
l  Entitlement activation.
a.        Choose License Activation > EntitlementActivation in the navigation tree on the left. The entitlement activationpage is displayed.
b.        Select one or more entitlements.
Q&A: How Do I Obtain COMM Licenses for CE Series Switch?-2657367-3
i.         Set the search criteria and click Search& Refresh.
ii.       Select entitlements in the search result.
iii.     Click Next. The page for binding ESNs isdisplayed.
c.        Bind the ESNs of devices to the entitlements.
Enter ESNs or click Q&A: How Do I Obtain COMM Licenses for CE Series Switch?-2657367-4 toselect existing devices. Click Next.
Q&A: How Do I Obtain COMM Licenses for CE Series Switch?-2657367-5
d.        Confirm activation.
Check whether activation informationis correct. If so, click Activate License. If not, click Back.
Q&A: How Do I Obtain COMM Licenses for CE Series Switch?-2657367-6
e.        Click Download to download the licensefile.
Q&A: How Do I Obtain COMM Licenses for CE Series Switch?-2657367-7
l  Password activation.
a.        Choose License Activation > PasswordActivation in the navigation tree on the left. Enter the entitlement ID(LAC) or activation ID in Password, and select I have read the abovecarefully and then Next.
Q&A: How Do I Obtain COMM Licenses for CE Series Switch?-2657367-8
b.        Enter the ESN of the device.
c.        Confirm activation.
d.        Click Download to download the licensefile.
Obtaining COMM Licenses for Capacity Expansion Projects

For capacity expansion projects, thelicense management system automatically combines the licenses on the samedevice to generate a new license file. The version of product with capacityexpanded must be the same as or later than the version of current product.
l  The entitlement ID (LAC) and capacity expansioncontract ID have been obtained.
l  The device ESNs have been obtained.
l  The product name and ESN in the contract are thesame as those on the live network.
l  The entitlement in Ready state isavailable for the device that requires capacity expansion.
                              Step 1     Log in to the ESDP system at
                              Step 2     Verify that the capacity expansionconditions are met.
2.        Click Equipment(Node) Management in thenavigation tree on the left.
3.        On the Equipment(Node) Management page,enter the ESN of a specified device and click Search to verify thatauthorization information about this device exists in the ESDP system and theESN of the device is correct.
Q&A: How Do I Obtain COMM Licenses for CE Series Switch?-2657367-9
4.        Verify the delivery status of the license in thesearch result.
−          If the status is Activated, roll back thelicense status to Ready by referring to Rolling Back a License andcontinue with Step 3.
−          If the status is Ready, go toStep 3.
−          If any other status is displayed, contact Huaweitechnical support personnel.
                              Step 3     For subsequent operations, see  Obtaining COMM Licenses for New SiteProjects.
For details, see the CE Series Switches License UsageGuide.

                               Step 1      Log in to the enterprise technical support website at

                               Step 2      Click Switches.

        Q&A: How Do I Obtain COMM Licenses for CE Series Switch?-2657367-10

                               Step 3      Click the name of the product to be queried,for example, CE12800.

                                           Q&A: How Do I Obtain COMM Licenses for CE Series Switch?-2657367-11

                               Step 4      Choose Installation & Upgrade > LicenseGuide to find the License Usage Guide for your switchmodel.

                                           Q&A: How Do I Obtain COMM Licenses for CE Series Switch?-2657367-12


CE12800 Series Switches License Usage Guide|21782165|21782236|22318638|7542409

CE8800&7800&6800&5800 Series Switches License Usage Guide|21782165|21782239|22318536|21128158

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