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Precautions for Device Upgrade Highlighted

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Hello friends,

The device upgrade is often required in network maintenance. Although it can be performed according to the upgrade guide, there are some noteworthy points.

Here is some of my summary, welcome your supplementary, thank you.

1.  Before the Upgrade

(1) Check whether the system can be directly upgraded to the new version. If the version is too early, upgrade it to an intermediate version and then to the new version.

(2) The commands of the old and new versions may be different. Some commands of the old version may not be supported in the new version. For example, the super password is supported by deies of earlier versions but not supported by the new version. Check the command line changes in advance. The eDesk can be used to translate the configuration.

(3) Confirm the upgrade time. You are advised to select a time with a small number of users at night.

(4)  Confirm the network topology and determine the impact scope.


(5) For modular devices, check whether all boards are compatible with the new version. If necessary, apply for spare parts from Huawei in advance.

(6) Prepare the rollback scheme in advance, which must be prepared for each network cutover. Any operation has an accident, and we have to be ready to deal with the worst.

2. Upgrade Process

(1) Check the device status and ensure that services are running properly. My previous post shared the common commands for checking the device status before and after an operation.

(2) The upgrade may cause password changes. In particular, some old versions support plaintext passwords, which are no longer available after the upgrade. Therefore, It is recommended to create a backup account during the remote upgrade and delete the console password during the onsite upgrade.

(3) Use the FTP/TFTP/SFTP to upload/download files.

  a. Important files, such as version、patch and logs, must be backed up to your computer or server.

  b. Before uploading the new version and patch, run the dir command to check whether the space of the device is sufficient. If space is insufficient, delete the old version package and log file. You can use the wildcard "*" to delete log files in batch.

    <huawei>delete /unreserved  *.log 

  c. upload/download the files in binary mode.

(4) If there is a redundant device, switch services to the redundant device to avoid service interruption.

a. If an access device is to be upgraded, run the following commands to bring the user offline:


     domain XX


 cut access-user domain xx

use the display access-user command to ensure all the users all offline. If you don’t do this, users who go online through this

device may fail to access the Internet during the upgrade.

b. Disconnect the dynamic route neighbor. Command:




         For ISIS:



           For BGP:

            bgp XX

 peer XXXXX ignore

c. Disable the service interface. Generally, interfaces are shut down in the sequence of downstream, interconnection, and upstream.

d. After the service is switched, run the save command to save the current configuration.

(5) Set the startup file, and perform the CRC check. This step is important. It can check whether the new version and patch files are complete, the format and version are correct. The command is check startup crc next.

(6) Check whether the device status is normal after the device is restarted.

(7) The new patch can be loaded only after all boards are registered after the device is restarted.

(8)  Switchback the traffic in the reverse order of step (3).

3. After the upgrade

   Collect device information and compare it with that before the operation. In normal cases, no new alarm is generated, and the traffic is basically the same as that before the operation. Check whether services are normal.

4. Rollback

(1) There are usually three reasons for rollback: The version upgrade fails; The boards cannot be registered; A large number of users are faulty.

(2) Generally, the display diagnostic-information command is used to collect all information for later analysis.

(3) Rollback Procedure:

  a. Switch services to the redundant device.

  b.Specify the version and patch of the source version as the startup file and restart the device.

  c.Switch services back and check the services.


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Admin Created Sep 20, 2019 07:44:52 Helpful(2) Helpful(2)

Very detailed. Thank you for sharing.
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Thank you for sharing with us
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Good to know.
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Admin Created Sep 23, 2019 00:32:31 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

This is helpful, it's important to check and prepare these things before upgrading.
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MVE Created Sep 24, 2019 15:29:58 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Clear and useful, thanks
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Created Oct 21, 2019 06:54:59 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

thank you!
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MVE Created Oct 22, 2019 19:07:55 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Thanks for sharing!
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