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OSN 3500 and Quidway S5300 Switches Fail to Auto Negotiate When Connecting GE Services Highlighted

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Today, I will introduce you how OSN 3500 and Quidway S5300 Switches Fail to Auto Negotiate When Connecting GE Services.

The OSN 3500 of a certain site is configured with an N3EGS2 Ethernet board for connecting to the GE service with the Quidway S5300 switch. After the physical fiber connection is complete, the port status of the S5300 switch is always Down. The SDH side reports a LINK_ERR alarm.


1- The network administrator checks that the port working mode of the N3EGS2 board is auto-negotiation, and also confirms that the optical interface working mode of the S5300 switch is also auto-negotiation.

2- The fiber jumper is replaced again, the alarm still exists, and the failure of the fiber connection is eliminated.

3- Unplug the fiber, connect the switch to the switch, and query the optical module port status as Up, indicating that the switch SFP is normal and without faults.

4- Use an optical power meter to measure the luminous power of the EGS2 board. The optical power is normal, indicating that the Ethernet board is also normal.

5- The final analysis is that the negotiation between the two parties failed due to the working mode of the port. After changing EGS2 and the switch to 1000Mfull, the alarm on the transmission side disappeared. At the same time, the status of the switch port was Up, and the problem was solved.

6- After repeated experiments: After changing the working mode to auto-negotiation, the alarm will appear again, and there is a fault in the docking.


Suggestion and summary:

In the project delivery and daily maintenance, the situation where the transmission equipment and the data communication equipment are connected often is encountered. Generally, the two parties will default to the auto-negotiation working mode. However, sometimes because the optical module manufacturers are different between devices, the core chips of the optical modules are not compatible with each other, so it is impossible to identify each other's working mode through the auto-negotiation mode. At this time, it is necessary to forcibly unify the working modes of both parties.

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Great sharing!
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