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Hello, everyone!

Today I'm going to introduce you FusionInsight(FI) Oozie. It helps beginners learn about FusionInsight)FI faster.

Component Introduction

Oozie is a workflow scheduling management system for Hadoop jobs.

Oozie workflow is a group of actions placed in the directed acyclic graph (DAG) of control dependence, which ensures that subsequent operations are started after the preceding operation finishes.

Oozie coordinator triggers the Oozie workflow by time (frequency) and valid data.

Oozie supports multiple Hadoop jobs, including HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Streaming MapReduce, Loader, Spark, and Distcp) and system-related operations, for example, Java and Shell.

The Oozie engine is a web application integrated into Tomcat by default. Oozie uses PostgreSQL databases.

Oozie provides an Ext-based web console, through which users can view and monitor Oozie workflows. Oozie provides an external REST web service API for the Oozie client to control workflows (such as starting and stopping operations), and orchestrate and run Hadoop MapReduce jobs.

Oozie framework

Log Description

Log path:Oozie logs are stored in the following paths by default:

  • Run logs: /var/log/Bigdata/oozie

  • Audit logs: /var/log/Bigdata/audit/oozie

Log archive role: Oozie logs are categorized into run logs, script logs, and audit logs. The maximum size of a run log file is 20 MB, and a maximum of 20 run log files can be reserved. The maximum size of an audit log file is 20 MB, and a maximum of 20 audit log files can be reserved.

A compressed log file is generated for ozzie.log every hour. 720 files (total log files generated in one month) are reserved by default.

Oozie log list

Log Type

Log File Name


Run log


Access log file


Tomcat startup log file


Service check log file


Cleanup operation log file


Certificate import log file


Oozie parameter log file


openJPa run log file


Oozie run log file


GC log file

Script log


Preinstallation log file


Pre-startup log file


Service startup log file


Service stop log file

Audit log


Audit log file

  • You can check the following logs to obtain the information about errors occurring during installation, start, and stop processes.

    • Run log of the installation process: /var/log/Bigdata/oozie/postinstallDetail.log

    • Run log of the pre-startup process: /var/log/Bigdata/oozie/prestartDetail.log

    • Run log of the startup process: /var/log/Bigdata/oozie/startDetail.log

    • Database initialization log of the startup process: /var/log/Bigdata/oozie/startDetail.log

  • You can check the following logs to obtain the information about errors (such as concerning and automatic restart) occurring during the operation process.

    • Tomcat run logs: /var/log/Bigdata/oozie/catalina.out

    • NodeAgent run log: /var/log/Bigdata/nodeagent/agentlog/agent.log

    • NodeAgent monitoring log: /var/log/Bigdata/nodeagent/monitorlog/monitor.log

    • Controller run log: /var/log/Bigdata/controller/controller.log

  • You can check the following logs to obtain the information about job execution failures.

    Oozie run logs: /var/log/Bigdata/oozie/oozie.log

  • stdout log of Yarn, which is the most important log that determines whether the task is successfully executed. Generally, all job execution errors are output to this log.

Hope this helps!

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Admin Created Dec 23, 2021 08:41:33

Thanks for your sharing!
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