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NTP settings on Huawei switches

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1. The switch as the NTP client.

clock timezone BJ add 08:00:00

ntp-service unicast-server


2.The switch as the NTP server.

clock timezone BJ add 08:00:00

ntp-service refclock-master 2


3.The switch as the client and NTP server to provide NTP services for other devices.

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Created Dec 26, 2018 09:14:49

Huawei switches support both NTP clients and NTP servers. These two functions cannot be enabled at the same time. When the switch acts as an NTP client, the NTP server function is disabled by default, and vice versa.
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Created Dec 27, 2018 08:36:47

Posted by yiyi0519 at 2018-12-26 09:14 Huawei switches support both NTP clients and NTP servers. These two functions cannot be enabled at t ...
This is useful information, so we have to choose a roo****P server as a server.
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Created Apr 3, 2019 14:10:46

Configuring Basic NTP Functions
You can configure basic NTP functions to enable devices on the network to synchronize clocks.

Pre-configuration Tasks
Before configuring basic NTP functions, configure the network layer address and routing protocol of an interface to ensure tha****P packets can reach the destination.

Configuration Procedure
Basic NTP configuration contains the configuration of the NTP primary clock and operating mode. Configuring an NTP primary clock
A device on the network can synchronize its clock in the following manners.
Synchronizing with the local clock: The local clock is used as the reference clock.
Synchronizing with another device on the network: This device is used as an NTP clock server to provide a reference clock for the local clock.
If both manners are configured, the device selects an optimal clock source by comparing the clocks determined in the two manners. The clock of a lower stratum is preferred.

An authoritative clock is used as a reference time source for a synchronization subnet, and is located at the top of a hierarchical structure on the synchronization subnet. The authoritative clock is stratum0. The current authoritative clock is mostly a Radio Clock or the Global Positioning System. The time of the authoritative clock is synchronized through the broadcast UTC time code other than NTP.

In actual circumstances, the NTP server synchronized with the authoritative clock is set as stratum1, and is used as a master reference clock source. Other devices on the network synchronize their clocks with the clock of the NTP server, which means the local clock of the NTP server is configured as the NTP primary clock. The NTP distance from a device on the network to the master reference clock source, that is, the number of NTP servers on the NTP synchronization chain, determines the stratum of the clock on the device.
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