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No root login to Huawei switch

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According to the document. I can create rsa key pairs and upload the public key to the switch, then I can ssh to the switch.

I did it with command ssh-keygen but don't know how to upload to the switch. I tried ssh-copy-id root@switch but failed. In the document have to manually copy, paste into the console. The problem is that the format I have in the is different with the one in document

espl@ansible:~$ cat .ssh/
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC5QhvE0iCZwM1LSk57vkbxb1APgXXeCM1tCUKsgpxrRcgag1FXSCmITsRTo/6WFBKdYPwe8yUKIB/yp3rUxsqGutPi/8fZngKlU7dyLVy6qjGm2v+XQo3mvMc8jTqvhxb1AomiE0ppne0bz0VQDBCOnOCnJP2VYKmheQgY0XbUklYHM4N8LcmyFMW7u9XB1NnQtIXfcHYtv5Hy7XhXYnRKvEvOQSEvLMaugczKNv7SVLJY4dSba5P3IG88JLmVjMA6qC5VZLP3aOqKVDBlsLd99Muz+ANZ9d4nBctQkGNJqh+TvCTvcBr9zxenG+50RB2aPW7SSwSnJ9b2XW58Gadr espl@ansible

But in the doc it is like below

huawei(config-rsa-public-key)#public-key-code beginEnter "RSA key code" view, return last view with "public-key-code end".

To then paste the converted public key, do as follows:

huawei(config-rsa-key-code)#30818602 8180E6B0 25E45C19 54F3DBAD D41C79BF 2054F2C9
huawei(config-rsa-key-code)#33775177 6F60F3B0 9654B03D 02A6A30F B04A5D59 E9BA7846
huawei(config-rsa-key-code)#32059FB6 1157F39B 2C60C890 9B92EFA6 CD566AE2 41621AEB
huawei(config-rsa-key-code)#7BC30538 7065BD5A E3D2380E F1ABF4BF A8EFB0C9 E9BB06E0
huawei(config-rsa-key-code)#8A060E0E 2022047C 009BA3F6 47257E1B B3498941 3C1281BA
huawei(config-rsa-key-code)#C5D64786 377B7426 2B5AA315 41C70201 25

 How to convert ? I tried to use putty but failed, and I'm using the Linux.

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Admin Created Nov 5, 2019 04:03:41 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Hi JohnLee,
Try to run the following command to generate a hexadecimal public key and then import the public key to the switch:
ssh-keygen -e -m pem -f ~/.ssh/ | egrep -v "BEGIN|END" | base64 -d | od -t x1 -An -w4 | tr 'a-f' 'A-F' | tr -d ' ' | fmt -w 48

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Created Nov 5, 2019 09:14:19 Helpful(1) Helpful(1)

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