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NE40E CPU is high sometimes.

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Hi, everyone! Today I’m going to introduce to you how to deal with high and low CPU cases.

      Issue Description

NE40E CPU is high sometimes.


transparent.gif Alarm Information


transparent.gif Handling Process

From the current information, the CPU high because of that there are too many SNMP request to NE40E, you added too many nodes on NMS. Please delete some monitoring task on NMS. If can’t, please filter those IP address on NE40E to reduce the CPU usage. The details are as follows.

1.    When CPU usage is high, the CMF and IFM process is high. Those two process high means that there are too many NMS tasks collecting interfaces information and make CPU high.

2.  From the process, there are many MTif script operation, it means there are too many NMS tasks collecting interfaces information.

[NE40E-diagnose]disp cmf luascript  history  p 3  


The        history script from ecm: <?xml:namespace prefix = "o" />

TransNo            SessionID   Optype             MsgType     pSptCb             RunNum      RunRetCode  SptRetCode         TotalMem(K)  CurSptMem(K)  LoadTime(ms)         MicroRunTime(ms)  SptFileName

StartRunTime                              FinishRunTime                             CancelTime                         TimeOut                                   LuaLastErrInfo

0x14e62403         0x0000028b  0x00000009  0x00000005  0x5c44228c         4                  0x00800910  0x00000000         98391        48                   0                    20                       MTIf.lua

2017-10-30        22:43:47.752+05:30      2017-10-30        22:43:47.768+05:30      0000-00-00        00:00:00:000                  -0001-11-29 16:00:000                

0x14e62404         0x0000028b  0x00000009  0x00000005  0x5c44228c         4                  0x00800910  0x00000000         98441        50                   0                    10                MTIf.lua            

2017-10-30        22:43:47.769+05:30      2017-10-30        22:43:47.786+05:30      0000-00-00        00:00:00:000                   -0001-11-29 16:00:000                  

0x14e62405         0x0000028b  0x00000009  0x00000005  0x5c44228c         4                  0x00800910  0x00000000         98490               47                   0                    10                       MTIf.lua            

2017-10-30        22:43:47.786+05:30      2017-10-30        22:43:47.803+05:30      0000-00-00        00:00:00:000                   -0001-11-29 16:00:000                  

0x14e62406         0x0000028b  0x00000009  0x00000005  0x5c44228c         4                  0x00800910  0x00000000         98541               51                   0                    10                       MTIf.lua           

2017-10-30        22:43:47.806+05:30      2017-10-30        22:43:47.824+05:30      0000-00-00        00:00:00:000                   -0001-11-29 16:00:000   


3.     From the logs, some source IP sent many pakcets to NE40E, expecially 20.x.x.5和20.x.x.10.

[NE40E_-diagnose]disp snm dia ac      


Last        Accessed Users           


NMS-IP/Port/VPN                                Access-Time                                  Pkt-Len  Count                            


x.x.x.x7/42372/0                                     2017-10-30, 22:51:01:041+05:30               825      16982

20.x.x.5/59959/0                                     2017-10-30, 22:51:00:115+05:30               102      46427427

y.y.y.y/49630/0                                   2017-10-30,        22:51:00:096+05:30        78             42629

20.x.x.10/62853/0                                    2017-10-30, 22:50:59:338+05:30               122      1657930            

y.y.y.y/44325/0                                    2017-10-30, 22:50:47:691+05:30        43              2492


[NE40E_-diagnose]disp snm dia ac      


Last        Accessed Users            


NMS-IP/Port/VPN                                          Access-Time                                  Pkt-Len  Count


x.x.x.x/42372/0                                     2017-10-30, 22:51:08:741+05:30               825      17054

20.x.x.5/60058/0                                     2017-10-30, 22:51:08:116+05:30               102      46427468


20.x.x.10/62853/0                                    2017-10-30, 22:51:01:844+05:30        118             1657938


transparent.gif Root Cause

The CPU high because of that there are too many SNMP request to NE40E.

transparent.gif Solution

Delete some tasks on NMS or shorten the intercal of collecting data.

Any further questions, let us know!

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