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NE20E cannot login with SSH

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 Issue Description

SSH login other device through NE20E router fail, and the fail info is "Info: The connection was closed by the remote host." User us PC1 login the NE20E-1 first, and then SSH login NE20E-2, but login fail. 


transparent.gif Alarm Information

<NE20E-1>stelnet -vpn-instance mgt 

Trying ...

Press CTRL + K to abort

Connected to ...

The server is not authenticated. Continue to access it? [Y/N]: y

Save the server's public key? [Y/N]: y

The server's public key will be saved with the name Please wait...

Error: The number of public keys reached the upper limit (20).

Error: Failed to save the server's public key.

Please input the username: test

Enter password: 

Info: The connection was closed by the remote host.

transparent.gif Handling Process

1. Checking SSH configuration on NE2E-1 and NE20E-2, confirm the configuration is right. 

2. Confirming the user name and password is right. 

3. Checking the number of public keys on NE20E-1, it reached the upper limit (20).

transparent.gif Root Cause

The number of public keys reached the upper limit (20).

transparent.gif Solution

Delete the public keys on NE20E-1 with following step:

1. Delete "ssh client x.x.x.x assign rsa-key" first.

2. Delete "rsa peer-public-key x.x.x.x".


rsa peer-public-key x.x.x.x 

public-key-code begin



      E5A93DC8 04BA05C3 03D25ED5 D4B88F12 73D328E9 B3FD8B6F B8EDC1AC FFD364ED

      CC9A0BCB 067D436D 2B0EBC09 39DE0C63 C8A2BDEB 53A6729B F9FC67BA 00E4436D

      8BF1C1F4 8144C5BF 041A521D A63468C4 46308CA6 EDB64CC6 6AFF950F D459BFAA

      87279F11 6E5A5649 8AA19CA2 5D2A49CE 3266C37A 4D0D909D EB5499B8 FB6392C5

      9300CC08 10A28CA6 F61EB07D 0F4D2F9E F3B4721A 8DE3CE8B DBCED463 E785D57B

      5F55DAA1 2731ED15 A6A0E282 2D1EAFF2 C8C7705C 44DCD6FE ADA555C7 A1AE6037

      EAD244E0 E544AE43 372EAC6C AEEB6F0A 0A6D82C0 1EAA6C98 B1FB959F 41A8C48C

      99A70140 A770469E A53A5500 2C8629DC 9E56BDA8 4D80DCB8 AF1537FB 79176847



 public-key-code end

peer-public-key end



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Created Aug 1, 2018 08:05:46

what is the limit of the NE40?
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Created Aug 1, 2018 15:43:23

Friend follow these steps, I hope you help

Alarm Information
The connection is lost when trying to access the device via SSH

Handling Process

handling process
1. Ensure stelnet is enabled on the device

[Huawei_S3300] stelnet server enable

2. Ensure the ssh user is added on the aaa


[Huawei_S3300-aaa]local-user sshuser service-type ssh

3. Ensure the correct stelnet services are configured tagged on the user

[Huawei_S3300] stelnet server enable
[Huawei_S3300]ssh user npsnoc
[Huawei_S3300] ssh user npsnoc authentication-type password
[Huawei_S3300]ssh user npsnoc service-type stelnet
[Huawei_S3300] telnet server enable

4. Create the rsa key

[Huawei_S3300]rsa local-key-pair create

Root Cause
the rsa key on the switch was not created

add rsa local-key-pair create
The SSH service require creation rsa which is unique to every device. This has to be created to successfully access the device via SSH.
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Created Aug 2, 2018 10:34:01

Posted by yiyi0519 at 2018-08-01 03:05 what is the limit of the NE40?
Seems to be 20 saved key as well. However, it's worth to mention that it's not necessary to save the key in order to access remote device. Of course, you still need to accept an access to unathenticated server first.
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