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Multiple Hosts on the Live Network Failed to Recover After the Power Supply in the Equipment Room Is Restored

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Hello everyone!

In this post I would like to share a case about multiple hosts on the live network failing to recover after the power supply was restored. Please see below how to tackle this issue.


After the equipment room failed to be powered, 62 hosts on the live network failed to recover after the power supply was restored.

host fault


1. Logged in to the first node from the background and pinged the internal_base and external_OM of the faulty host:


Checked the switch status on eSight. 9 switches were not restored.

switch status

2. After the switch configuration had been restored, the host fault was rectified and 18 VMs were in the error and rebuild the state:

switch configuration is restored

Volume device not found:

Volume device not found

Volume mounting exception

3. The storage service IP address was unavailable because storage controller B was faulty.

storage controller B

storage controller B

storage controller B

4. The last VM was not recovered. No path could be found after the upadmin show vlun command was run on the host. The interconnected storage was FC SAN. The port on the host side was online, while the port on the SNS side was offline.

4) The last VM is not recovered. No path can be fo

The zone configuration on the SNS was not added. After the zone configuration had been added, the VM was restored.


1. Restore the switch configuration using the historical backup file on the switch side.

2. After the data plane IP address of the faulty controller is removed from the FusionSphere interconnection configuration, 14 VMs are automatically restored.

3. After the zone configuration is added to the SNS switch, 1 CEP VM is automatically restored.


Remind the service side to check the service recovery status first.

This is my solution, how about yours? Go ahead and share it with us!

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Great share
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Thank you for providing such valuable information.
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