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Multicast service abnormal due to the exceeded error packet on S9306

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Hello guys, our customer reported the intermittent video freezing being observed on the PC, but the ping result if normal. We helped him solved the problem, and we'd like to share the case with you. Hope you like it.

The topology is as

multicsast server ------- S12708(RP) ---------- S9306 ---------- PC(pull traffic from the server)


First of all, we checked the logs. After analysing the logs of the S9306 and S12708, massive of CRC error packets are observed on one of the interconnection interface which belongs to the eth-trunk between the S9306 and S12708.

Exclude the corresponding link from the eth-trunk, and the multicast service is normal.

Eth-Trunk4 current state : UP

Line protocol current state : UP


Switch Port, PVID : 1301, Hash arithmetic : According to SIP-XOR-DIP,Maximal BW: 20G, Current BW: 20G, The Maximum Frame Length is 9216

IP Sending Frames' Format is PKTFMT_ETHNT_2, Hardware address is 80fb-0650-8301

Current system time: 2018-12-25 08:18

Last 300 seconds input rate 1752269944 bits/sec, 144308 packets/sec

Last 300 seconds output rate 10030408 bits/sec, 13947 packets/sec

Input:  2530833124873 packets, 3845661121069000 bytes

  Unicast:              2530521183551,  Multicast:                   226471954

  Broadcast:                      245,  Jumbo:                               0

  Discard:                          0,  Pause:                               0

  Frames:                           0


  Total Error:               85469123

  CRC:                       79981297,  Giants:                              0           /* massive CRC error packets*/

  Jabbers:                    1021456,  Fragments:                           0

  Runts:                            0,  DropEvents:                          0

  Alignments:                       0,  Symbols:                       4466370

  Ignoreds:                         0


We checked the load balance mode, found the load balance mode is based on src-dst-ip, which means the traffic will be hashed to the member links randomly. When the physical quality of the bearing link is poor, the error packets generated, which leads the service abnormal. In this example, the abnormal service manifests as the intermittent video freezing.

By now, we could conclude that the poor quality of the connecting link caused the problem, by replacing the fiber link and add the interface into eth-trunk, all is normal.

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