MPLS---Static LSP

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MPLS---Static LSP

MPLS---Static LSP-1343259-1

Though this is only a simple Lab, we should finish it independently to improve our skill.

LSP means Label Switching Path. MPLS means Multi-Protocol Label Switching.

What should we do at first?

1.       Configure OSPF on the LSRs to ensure IP connectivity on the backbone network.

In my opinion, configure IP addresses and then configure OSPF<ID 1, area 0, network>. Though it’s simple, I make a mistake by including during OSPF network configuration.

2.       Configure MPLS on LSRs, which is the prerequisite for creating a public tunnel on the backbone network.

I forget that I should configure LSR-id. This is the first step to configure a LSR. We use loopback address generally.

3.       Configure static LSPs because a stable public tunnel needs to be created on the backbone network with simple and stable network topology to transmit L2VPN and L3VPN services. Perform the following operations:

Configure the destination IP address, next hop, value of the outgoing label for the LSP on the ingress node.

Configure the inbound interface, value of the incoming label equivalent to the outgoing label of the last node, and next hop and value of the outgoing label of the LSP on the transit node.

Configure the inbound interface and value of the incoming label equivalent to the outgoing label of the last node of the LSP on the egress node.

If we want to configure a static LSP from LSR_1 to LSR_3, then LSR_1 is ingress node, 2 is transit node and 3 is egress node.

We should enable MPLS on related interfaces first. Enabling MPLS generally isn’t enough.

I always think static LSP is configured under MPLS command generally or in interface mode, but I’m wrong. There is a command static-LSP.

As for ingress destination, we should use loopback(LSR router ID) instead of interface address. Nexthop has to be configured with interface address. With reference, I think configuring static LSP is easy, but without any help, I don’t think so.

About transit node, static-lsp transit LSP1 incoming-interface gigabitethernet 1/0/0 in-label 20 nexthop out-label 40. I configure outgoing interface instead of nexthop, then the static lsp is down, I don’t know why? How to delete a static lsp? Then the CLI can give me something for reference. Undo will do. I delete it, but display mpls static-lsp is still down with old config, maybe I should reboot the router. Still it doesn’t work

I have to use undo mpls to delete all mpls settings.

When I use display current configuration, I find forgetting to enable mpls for each interface is my mistake. Actually using outgoing interface equals to nexthop.

I still can’t make static LSP on LSR-1 up, then I find I configure no route for loopback address. Again I configure /32 as So simple a task takes so much time independently. Jesus!

No Ping, maybe the static LSP is unidirectional? I’ll have a check. Not so, actually outgoing interface can’t be used to replace nexthop. I should use nexthop instead.

Finally I make it! What a long trip!

<LSR_1>ping lsp ip 32

  LSP PING FEC: IPV4 PREFIX : 100  data bytes, press CTRL_C to brea


    Reply from bytes=100 Sequence=1 time=60 ms

    Reply from bytes=100 Sequence=2 time=20 ms

    Reply from bytes=100 Sequence=3 time=10 ms

    Reply from bytes=100 Sequence=4 time=20 ms

    Reply from bytes=100 Sequence=5 time=10 ms


  --- FEC: IPV4 PREFIX ping statistics ---

    5 packet(s) transmitted

    5 packet(s) received

    0.00% packet loss

    round-trip min/avg/max = 10/24/60 ms

The ENSP config file is attached.





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