Monitoring Hardware Switch Quidway S5300 via snmp

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Good morning, I 'm wanting to get through SNMP status of my hardware switch .

I need to get through SNMP information similar to that obtained with the " display device " command:

#display device
Product type: Quidway S5300 Series Ethernet Switches
System startup time : 2008/10/01 00:00:31
Memory: 256M bytes DDR
Flash : 32M bytes

Device status :
Slot #    Name        SubCard # Type        Online    Status      Role
1         EMGE        0         5352C       Present   Normal      Master
1         FORECARD    1         CX22E4GF    Present   Normal      N/A
1         HINDCARD    2         CX22ETPB    Present   Normal      N/A
1         FANCARD     3         FAN         Present   Normal      N/A
1         PWRCARD I   4         PWR         Present   Normal      N/A
1         PWRCARD II  5         PWR         Present   Normal      N/A

Referring to the documentation and forums say that I see the OID tree HUAWEI -DEVICE - MIB. ( ) . But it brings me nothing .

What is the oid that brings me this information? I add it through " snmp -agent mib -view included" command.

Currently I have the following:

#display snmp-agent mib-view include
   View name:ViewDefault
       MIB Subtree:internet
       Subtree mask:
       Storage-type: nonVolatile
       View Type:included
       View status:active

Information my switch:

#display version
Huawei Versatile Routing Platform Software
VRP (R) Software, Version 5.30 (S5300 V100R002C02B181SPC001)
Copyright (C) 2007-2008 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Quidway S5352C-EI uptime is 2547 days, 14 hours, 25 minutes

[Slot 0] EMGE uptime is 2547 days, 14 hours, 25 minutes
Startup time :2008/10/01 00:00:31
256M bytes DDR Memory
32M bytes FLASH
Pcb      Version : CX22EMGE REV A
Basic  BOOTROM  Version :  006 Compiled at May  6 2009, 14:09:13
CPLD   Version : C
Software Version : VRP (R) Software, Version 5.30 (S5300 V100R002C02B181SPC001)

FORECARD information
Pcb      Version : CX22E4GF REV A
FPGA     Version : 1
HINDCARD information
Pcb      Version : CX22ETPB REV A
FANCARD information
Pcb      Version : FAN REV B
PWRCARD I information
Pcb      Version : PWR REV A
PWRCARD II information
Pcb      Version : PWR REV A

Greetings await your response.

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maybe you can refer to this table




























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Hello, thank you very much for your answer. The issue is that none of these OIDs me Hardware Provides status : FAN , POWERSUPPLY , etc .

What is the OID to monitor Hardware Right ? I include them through some command on the Switch?

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Created Dec 17, 2015 20:17:56 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Same here... NONE of this OID work (we are using PRTG). What i brought to work is the CPU usage with this OID i found in some forums....

But i need a lot more of the hardware related OID's > MEMORY / FAN / HARDWAR STAT / POWER SUPPLY....

I also tryed to understand all the MIB's, but thats a hell of work, please create some simple MIB's with essentiall hardware monitoring for all your switches, that would be important to compete cisco!

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