Mistake the optical module by the GE module result in the error packet increase

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When the up-load interface 2.5G POS of the NE80E connect to the NE5000E with the wavelength division transmission, check the information of interface POS on NE80E,  find a few  CRC  error packet increase continuance but the operation has no abnormity evidence.

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Alarm Information
Check the information of interface POS on NE80E, find some transmission channel alarm and errors statistics.Handling Process

1、 Because the change and the clean of the pigtail need cut the pathway, we need to check the configuration of parameters at first.
2、 The peer end equipment is NE5000E, so the scrambling, the mode of CRC checkout, the parameters of clocks need to be check that they are matching and have no problems.
3、The peer end transfer is wavelength division equipment, now the wavelength division equipment doesn’t refer to the overhead byte etc, so we can remove the problem of overhead byte doesn’t matching.
5、 Comparing the information of the other POS interfaces, found that all of the others present 2.5G,so we doubt tentatively that we mistake the optical module by the GE module.
6、The problem was solved after the exchange of module.
Root Cause

1、 The status of the pigtail between the NE80E and the ODF frame is not good or the pigtail needs to be cleaned.
2 、The optical module of NE80E and the transfers receive optical puissance are not matching
3 、 the optical module of NE80E and the overhead byte of the transfer equipment are not matching
4 、 The optical module of NE80E and peer end’  scrambling , the mode of CRC checkout, the parameters of clocks etc are not matching
5、 The optical module itself or the equipment itself has problems

SPF optical module have many types ,such as 2.5G,1G,100M,155/622M etc, and the SPF is outsourcing equipment. Now it’s very difficult to distinguish them from the appearance, the probability of wrong taken is big, so we need to take attention to this problem in the construction.
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