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Minimum hardware for lab

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I'm busy with preparing for my HCIE and have some basic questions.

I have tried to use eNSP for some LAB testing, but it doesn't support all the commands and it's clear I will need some hardware.
1. What is the minimum S5700 switch models and min Qty required for lab prep? (SI, LI, EI, or HI ?)
2. What is the min Qty AR2220 routers that I'll need and do I need to add and SIC or WSIC ?
3. Would I need S3700 or can I only use S5700 to prep?
4. Do you have any prep or sample lab exams that I can use to practice?

Thanks !

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Created May 18, 2015 05:55:31

eNSP can support most of our lab testing

you can visit this post and download this material.

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Created May 18, 2015 07:57:47


As my colleague says eNSP is a very useful study tool and can cover most technologies. However it is only a simulator and as such has limitations - there will be unsupporteds commands and maybe some features which do not work as expected.

We do publish the full equipment and version list, however it is not always easy to find, I have attached a copy of the document we included when I ran some HCIE information sessions last year. This contains preparation guidelines as well as including the equipment list.

For routers you could use AR1220 as well, there is very little difference in features, you would probably find it useful to have at least one physical SIC card in each router to test serial link features.

All features supported on S3700 will be supported on S5700, so anything possible on S3700 could be possible on S5700. S3700 VRP version is different, so make sure you are familiar with the limitations on the previous version.

In my opinion the most economic option is to use a mixture of eNSP and pohysical hardware. You can connect eNSP devices to "real" devices via your PC network card. Most modern PC also have the capability to support VLAN tagging, this enables you to connect multiple virtual devices to multiple real devices via a switchport configured as a trunk.

We have published 2 "practice labs" here!showCertificate?lang=en&pbiPath=term1000025452&id=Node1000004627

These are in the process of being updated, so keep checking for when the updated versions are uploaded.

Regards Nigel


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Created May 21, 2015 12:19:05

Thanks for your reply, helps a lot :) will look into the options and get some equipment ordered soon.


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