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MAC Address Flapping Occurs When a Layer 2 Low-End Switch Connects to a WLAN

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Issue Description
AC6005: V200R003C00SPC200
AP6010: V200R003C00SPC200
The networking is as follows.

On the entire network, VLAN 1 is used as the service VLAN and management VLAN. DHCP is configured on the egress router to assign IP addresses to APs and STAs. On the first day, APs and STAs could properly obtain IP addresses. On the second day, STAs failed to obtain IP addresses and could not use the network.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Set the forwarding mode to direct forwarding.
[AC-wlan-view] service-set name 2.4
[AC-wlan-service-set-test2] forward-mode direct-forward    //Set the forwarding mode to direct forwarding.
Root Cause
1. After a laptop is connected to the Layer 2 switch in wired mode, the laptop can obtain an IP address. Therefore, the DHCP configuration is correct, and the fault may be caused by incorrect WLAN device configurations.
2. Compare the configuration. The networking is normal except that the management VLAN and service VLAN are the same. After confirmation with the R&D personnel, this is allowed on a small network.
3. Check the data streams. The tunnel forwarding mode is configured since the customer wants to control STA data.
service-set name 2.4 id 0                                                   
  forward-mode tunnel                                                        
  wlan-ess 0                                                                 
  ssid 3W                                                                    
  traffic-profile id 0                                                       
  security-profile id 0
It is suspected that the tunnel forwarding mode leads to a failure to obtain IP addresses. After the forwarding mode is set to direct forwarding, the fault is rectified.
Huawei switches of V2R3 do not use a VLAN as both the service VLAN and management VLAN. You are advised not to use VLAN 1 as the service VLAN. Therefore, on a small network, connect APs directly to the AC and configure the AC to function as the Layer 3 switch. Configure multiple VLANs on the AC.
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Created Dec 16, 2016 03:23:07

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