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Live Webinar FAQ: Huawei FusionCube Solution [Phase 17] Highlighted

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Hello, everyone!

This post will summarize and answer the questions raised by users in Live Webinar: Huawei FusionCube Solution [Phase17]. I hope it can help you.

i_f15.gifFAQ1: Why we need FusionCube? If we have FusionCompute and FusionInsight.

Representing a development trend in the IT industry, FusionCube vertically integrates compute, storage, and network resources based on virtualization technologies. It offers simple operation and maintenance (O&M) as well as rapid deployment and expansion, adapting to enterprises' fast-changing information requests. For detail, see:

i_f15.gifFAQ2: Can the FusionCube integrate with VMware?

FusionCube supports onsite delivery in VMware scenarios but does not support pre-installation of VMware. For detail, see:

i_f15.gifFAQ3: What is the name of logical network planes in FusionCube networking?

FusionCube has management plane, storage plane, BMC plane, and service plane:


For detail, see:

i_f15.gif FAQ4: Do you have any primary cases about FusionCube?

We have some acceptance guide about FusionCube, you can check the following link:

i_f15.gifFAQ5: What is the software component of the FusionCube virtualization infrastructure?

You can see the following post:

i_f15.gifFAQ6: Can we integrate an external storage system in FusionCube solution?

Now 8.0 RC2 version doesn't support external storage. For detail, see:

i_f15.gifFAQ7: FusionCube uses server compute power and disk for storage, there is no physical storage device?

FusionCube uses the distributed storage. Virtualization scenarios can use local disks, which are not distributed storage software. There is no other independent physical storage device. For detail, see:

i_f15.gifFAQ8: What is the maximum storage space supported by FusionCube?

FusionCube has excellent scalability. Theoretically, it supports 256 nodes. The maximum storage pool capacity is determined based on the actual configuration. For detail, see:

i_f15.gifFAQ9: Does FusionCube Support Commvault?

FusionCube doesn't support Commvault Simpana. If you want to backup the FusionCube, you can use the ebackup or UltraPath.  For detail, see:

i_f15.gifFAQ10: How many drives we will get or support?

This post will be updated with more questions.

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Great Q&A
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Thank you.
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Good information to know.
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Thanks for your sharing!
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Thanks for your sharing!
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