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Looking back, a little effort goes a long way, andyears of hard makes the book.
Movingforward, difficult technologies scare no one, and we gear up for the newjourney.
Monthafter month and quarter after quarter, season 2 of Learn Firewalls with Dr.WoW has finally been unveiled. While racing with time, Dr. WoW hasaccomplished a lot. Dr. WoW has sorted out the posts of season 1, made somecorrections and improvements, and worked with the publishing house to proofreadand finalize the book. Dr. WoW's team has also made a side-by-side comparisonbetween products and recorded video tutorials. Through the experience of thelast half year, Dr. WoW deeply feels that there is always something to learnabout firewalls, and that the hardship in studying firewall technologies isbeyond words. Fortunately, Huawei Firewall Technologies has beensuccessfully published, and Dr. WoW is full of joy and energy again.
Inthe second season, Dr. WoW will introduce content security features, such asantivirus, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, and mail filtering, and otherfunctions, such as user management, virtual systems, and bandwidth management.Dr. WoW will describe these features and functions of Huawei next-generationfirewall (NGFW) and the configuration procedures. Dr. WoW hopes that the postscan help readers understand the technical mechanisms and configuration methodsof NGFW. Dr. WoW encourages readers to interact and discuss questions online tomake progress together.
Thebest reward of learning is the thrill of discovery. It has nothing to do withfame. For a network engineer, no money, no fame, and no material object cancompare to the joy and satisfaction from getting a network up and running orlocating a fault. We never forget why we started to accomplish what we want.Digging into technologies is no easy job. However, we embrace the challengesand will continue this road.

No. Title
1 Next-Generation Firewall
2 NGFW Functions
3 Traffic Permitted, Virus Blocked---Antivirus Mechanism
4 Traffic Permitted, Virus Blocked---Antivirus Configuration
5 Network Threats May Be Deceptive, But Not for an NGFW---Intrusion Prevention Mechanism
6 Network Threats May Be Deceptive, But Not for an NGFW---Intrusion Prevention Configuration
7 Classification of Massive URLs---URL Filtering Mechanism
8 Classification of Massive URLs---URL Filtering Configuration
9 Multiple Approaches to Email Control---Mail Filtering Mechanism

Networks are changing fast, and networking devices have taken the spotlight one after another. You may be quite familiar with routers and switches, but with firewalls, probably not so much. As loyal safeguards for network security, firewalls keep a weather eye on threats, and no packet can get through without the permission of firewalls. Now, it's time to get familiar with these heroes. Welcome to the Dr. WoW series technical posts. Dr. WoW will take you on an adventurous journey to the world of firewalls.
For readers to conveniently read the technical posts in the forum, Dr. WoW sorted out all technical posts, added another four configurations examples for deploying firewalls in typical scenarios, and converted them to PDF files for readers to download. All readers are welcome to download the PDF file collection in the attachments to learn knowledge, master configuration methods, and become firewall technical experts.
 No.  Title
 1 What Are Firewalls? 
 2 Development of Firewalls 
 3 Huawei’s Firewall Products at a Glance 
 4 Security Zones 
 5 Stateful Inspection and Session Mechanism 
 6 Appendix to the Stateful Inspection and Session Mechanism   
 7 Precautions for Configuration and Troubleshooting Guides 
 8 First Experience of Security Policies
 9 Development History of Security Policies   
 10 Security Policies in the Local Zone   
 11 ASPF 
 12 Configuration Precautions and Troubleshooting Guide 
 13 Single-Packet Attack and Defense
 14 SYN Flood Attack and Defense
 15 UDP Flood Attack and Defense
 16 DNS Flood Attack and Defense
 17 HTTP Flood Attack and Defense 

Source NAT-part 1

Source NAT-part 2

Source NAT-part 3

 19 NAT Server
 20 Bidirectional NAT
 22 Function of Blackhole Routes in NAT Scenarios
 23 Introduction to VPN Technology

GRE-part 1

GRE-part 2

 25 The Birth and Evolution of L2TP VPNs

L2TP Client-initiated VPNs-part1

L2TP Client-initiated VPNs-part2

 27  L2TP NAS-initiated VPNs
 28  L2TP LAC-Auto-initiated VPNs
 29  IPSec Overview
 30  Manual IPSec VPNs
 31 IKE and ISAKMP
 32 IKEv1 
 33  IKEv2
 34 Summary of IKE and IPSec   
 35 Template IPSec       
 36  NAT Traversal 
 37  Digital Certificate Authentication 
 38 IPSec VPN Security Policy Configuration Roadmap
 39 VPN Mechanisms-part 1
SSL VPN Mechanisms-part 2
 40 File Sharing
 41  Web Proxy 
 42 Port Forwarding     
 43 Network Extension-part 1
Network Extension-part 2
 44 Configuring Role Authorization
 45 Configuring SSL VPN Security Policies
 46 Integrated Use of the Four Major SSL VPN Functions
 47 Hot Standby Overview

The Story of VRRP and VGMP-part 1

49 The Story of VRRP and VGMP-part 2

The Story of VRRP and VGMP-part 3 

 51 The Story of VRRP and VGMP-part 4

Explanation of VGMP Techniques-part 1

Explanation of VGMP Techniques-part 2

 53 Explanation of the HRP Protocol
 54 Hot Standby Configuration Guide
 55 Multi-homing Overview 
 56 Shortest Path Routing
 57 Policy-based Routing-part 1
 58 Policy-based Routing-part 2


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