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License Usage Guide describes the license control items supported by the switch, and provides guidelines on how to apply for a license, install a license, migrate a license between devices, roll back a license, split a license, upgrade or downgrade the license version, and restore an invalidated license.

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The following is the top issues collected from Huawei Global Service Hotline.

1. Which features require a license?

Answer: You can use this tool:


2. How to activate license

Run the license active file-name command to activate the license.

Answer: If the following information is displayed, the license is activated successfully.

Info: The license is being activated. Please wait for a moment.

Info: Succeeded in activating the license file on the master board.


3. Why does my reload license fail?

Answer: If the configuration items of the new license file are lower than those of the current license file, check whether the configuration items required by services exist in the new license file. If not, apply for a correct license file and activate it. Otherwise, services may be interrupted due to lack of dependent license configuration items after the board or the device is restarted.


4. Do I need restart the switch after I activated license

Answer: A license takes effect immediately after being activated, without the need of restarting the switch.


5. Is the license still valid after the CSS splits?

Answer: After the CSS splits, the license is still valid on the two member switches.


6. When applying for a license, do I need use the serial numbers of two devices to stack devices?

Answer: Yes.


7. Is the built-in license that comes with the factory activated?

Answer: The factory built-in LICENSE, no upload activation required.


8. Does each device need a separate license, or can multiple devices share one license?

Answer: The license is bound to the ESN of the device. Each device needs a separate license.


9. The old device is not used. Can the license be used for the new device?

Answer: No.


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