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Leading New ICT, Making Cities Safer

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In Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety, food, and water are the most basic needs for human survival. This is especially true for the growing cities of the world.

Safe City constructions are gaining attention not only for the protection of life and property, but also for the promotion of modern governance. The quality of our lives improves as a result.

For example, the implementation of Kenya’s Safe City project is making obvious improvements in public safety and the healthy development of local tourism. Safe City solutions are proven to be effective in ensuring the safety and security at major public events. The 2015 visit of Pope Francis to Nairobi, for instance, resulted in zero casualties or major incidents among the crowd of 300,000 people. Safe City construction in Saudi Arabia has increased the margins for safety and emergency management for the entire country and, in so doing, laid a solid foundation for further social and financial development.

Global economic integration, changes in social organization, and the rapid digital uplift of industries and social media in recent years have resulted in a constant escalation of security threats faced by the world. Criminals are constantly revising their techniques, and are often armed with the very tools that have been built for commercial and social use. Security threats have now extended from the real world to the Internet. As the cost of committing cybercrime decreases, criminals continue to find novel methods for conducting illegal activities. Transnational organized crime is among the latest of challenges to be addressed in modern Safe City operations.

Huawei is committed to building a better, fully connected world, and Safe City solutions are an integral part of this program. In this new world, safety should be as fundamental as air and water, nurturing everyone in every city, supporting the old and weak, and bringing peace and happiness to everyone. Huawei is working with global industry leaders in the security field to create end-to-end public safety solutions using the platforms and solutions provided by new ICT technologies.

The one-stop ICT solutions provided by Huawei in the Safe Market are now deployed in more than 100 cities in over 30 countries and serve more than 400 million people. Guided by our Business-Driven ICT Infrastructure (BDII) program, Huawei is fulfilling the vision of ‘Leading New ICT, Building a Better Connected World.’ Based on a strategy of integrating new technologies and solutions to deliver ICT-enabled cloud platforms, Huawei is working with partners to build an open, cooperative, and mutually beneficial ecosystem. Our goal is to encourage customers to accelerate the digital transformation processes that promote social harmony and economic development.

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