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Hello Everyone,

know more about LDA Protocol here.


LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an X.500-based Directory Access Protocol

Standard and is extendable according to the demand. LDAP is stored as an information directory

which there is only one unique group or group in the directory and several devices or applications

may share a directory between each other.

LDAP defines the operation which is used to communicate with directory service, how to find

out an entry from a directory, how to describe an entity, and security features which are used to

directory accessing verification and to control the entity accessing in the directory. The directory

service is a special kind of database that is optimized for accessing, scanning, and searching.

A directory has descriptive, attribute-based information and supports complex filter capability.

A directory generally does NOT support complex transaction management which is supported

by a general database for large updating operations. The updating of a directory general is very

simple. A directory could store plain text, binary pictures,s and so on, such as a contact list, personal

information, a WEB link, or a JPEG picture. So you may access that information stored in a

directory by LDAP run on TCP/IP.


This article is useful for people who want to use/Know the LDAP directory.

Here are some terms we use while setting up LDAP:

c-->Country-->For Example "CN" or "US"

dc-->Domain Component-->For Example dc=winline,dc=com

o-->Orginization-->For Example winline

Ou-->Orginization Unit-->An OU could be included in another OU.

For Example


uid-->User Id-->For Example "IndianKid'

cn-->Common Name-->For Example "IndianKid Gowtham"

sn-->Surname-->For Example "Gowtham"

dn-->Distinguished Name-->Every entity has a DN, for example:

“uid=IndianKid,ou=sale,dc= winline,dc=com”

rdn-->Relative dn-->A RDN is unrelated with a directory tree struct,

For example:

“uid=IndianKid” or ”cn= IndianKid Gowtham”

The Model of LDAP Information:

The information stored in an LDAP directory is organized as a tree structure. The information is

stored in data structure Entries. An entry is an attribute with a DN (Distinguished Name), a

DN, as a reference of an Entry, likes a keyword used in the relative database. An attribute is

composed of a Type and single or several values (s). The information is stored in LDAP as a tree

structure, A country (c=CN) or domain (dc=com) general is defined at the root of the tree, then

there would be organizations or organization units defined at the leaf node. The below figure indicates

the system structure of LDAP.


Here are 3 types of objectClass and are listed below:

--> Structural: for example person and organization unit

--> Auxiliary: for example extensibeObject;

--> Abstract: for example top. An abstract obejctCalss can’t be used directly.

Below Link shows the basic configuration of LDAP Setup on Huawei,

Thank you, everyone.

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Thanks for sharing  
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Helpful, Thanks for sharing
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great to know more about LDAP.
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Useful Information Bro
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A high-quality and well-organized article, thanks for your sharing!!
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Cool information.
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Your post is very valuable, so we've selected it for the Best Content Selection of December:

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Thank you Ms.Irina for the support.  
Created Jan 19, 2021 10:34:12

Valuable information indeed ..
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