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Know more about Benefits and lifecycle of ECS: Highlighted

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Background Information:


An Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is a computing unit that includes virtual CPUs, memory, an operating system, and Elastic Volume Service (EVS) discs. After you've established an ECS, you can use it in the cloud in the same way you would a local PC or physical server. To deliver a dependable, secure, and efficient computing environment, ECS collaborates with other services.

ECS lifecycle:

The entire path an ECS takes, from creation to deletion, is referred to as the ECS lifecycle (or release).

When a task is started, whether manually or as part of a service, it might go through a number of states before finishing on its own or being manually stopped. Some tasks are designed to be run as batch jobs that proceed from PENDING to RUNNING to STOPPED in a natural order. Other tasks that can be included in a service are designed to run endlessly or to be scaled up and down as needed.

Here we are going to discuss about the different states of ECS during its Lifecycle.

There are two status Conditions For an ECS

·        Intermediate

·        Stable

In intermediate state the process is not completed but it’s an ongoing procedure and the state in not stable, while in stable status the state is finally achieved.

Here is the description of important status of ECS and how they become stable gradually going through the intermediate states



Fig1:How States of a running ECS is achieved


Fig2:How a running ECS is stopped to reach a stable state


 Fig3:How a running ECS is Deleted and the intermediate state in between




There are more status conditions which are defined below.


Reinstalling   OS

The   ECS has received a request to reinstall the operating system and is in the   process of Reinstallation


The ECS is currently being restarted.


The   ECS has received a request for resizing and is in the process of Resizing

Verifying resizing

The changed configuration is being verified by the ECS.

Changing   OS

The   ECS received a request to replace the operating system and is Changing it

Forcibly restarting

The ECS is being forcibly restarted.

Rolling   back resizing

The   ECS is reversing a resizing procedure.





On   the ECS, there was an exception. The administration should be contacted.

Reinstalling OS failed

The ECS received a request to reinstall the OS, but the reinstallation   failed owing to exceptions. Contact the administrator.

OS   change failed

The   ECS received a request to change the operating system, however the change was   not implemented owing to exceptions. Contact the administrator.



The administrator has stopped the ECS because the order has expired   or is past due.


In this situation, an ECS is unable to provide services. The system   saves it for a certain amount of time. The system will automatically remove   the ECS if it is not renewed once the time limit has expired.


Here an important point to note is when a status change "failed" the condition remains stable and does not change until it gets some other commands


Advantages of ECS:

ECS offers predetermined scaling policies as well as automated scaling of computing resources based on changes in demand. ECS specifications, such as vCPUs, memory, and bandwidth, can be customized as desired. You can use ECS in conjunction with other services to create a secure, agile, dependable, and efficient application environment.


Stability and Reliability

Based on a distributed architecture, ECS provides scalable, dependable, and high-throughput virtual block storage. This means that data may be transferred and recovered quickly if any data replica becomes unavailable, avoiding data loss due to a single hardware failure. Backup policies for in-service ECSs and EVS drives can be set up automatically.


It does Checking and recommending security configurations. Reduce or eliminate the damage caused by network viruses and attacks. An allowlist can be customized to automatically prevent the execution of unapproved programmes. General online vulnerability scans, third-party application vulnerability scans, port detection, and fingerprint recognition are all included in vulnerability scan services.

Competitive Advantage

ECSs are installed on high-performance hardware that allows for in-depth virtualization optimization, resulting in best-in-class virtual server performance. The virtualized resource pool can be accessed at any time and from any location to acquire dedicated resources. You can use your ECS in the same way that you would a local PC.

Auto Scaling

Automated scaling of computing resources adjusts the number of ECSs in an AS group automatically. Based on the projected demand or a pre-existing plan, AS scales resources on a regular basis or at a specific moment. You can purchase and release resources at any moment using the yearly/monthly and pay-per-use billing mechanisms.




Configuring and setting up an ECS is a long process which is defined in one of my previous Article. Have a look at the following post for more details

LInk for ECS Configuration


 Other Reference:


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