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Keeping VLAN interface UP

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Hi, all!

This post enquires about keeping VLAN interface UP. Please have a look below to find out more.


Is there an equivalent to Cisco's no autostate? I have some remote AR169's and when a single onsite PC gets shut down, the router will have no physical interfaces up, so the VLAN int drops, causing monitoring issues.

Any ideas? I have found delay timers, but not a no autostate equivalent.

Thanks for assisting me in keeping VLAN interface UP.

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Created Aug 15, 2017 03:29:53

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Created Aug 16, 2017 15:34:46

I'm also looking for the "no autostate" equivalent in Huawei.
Can we associate a virtual interface to the vlan?

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Created May 2, 2018 16:43:36

After 6 months I revive this topic since I've not been able to find a solution for the same problem.

I have an S5720 switch and I need to monitor an IP bound to a vlan interface, but there isn't any port in the up state associated with that vlan.
I found a way to delay the down state of the vlanif interface (damping time 20), but not an equivalent of Cisco's "no autostate".
Do someone know a solution (the configuration of a trunk is not a solution).
Thanks :)
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Created May 3, 2018 07:12:40

I'm happy that you decide to resurrect this thread.

What do you think about the following idea:

You can find an unused interface, that doesn't have anything connected on it, configure vlan X on the interface as trunk or access, then set the interface to stay "up" using "loopback internal" command.
For example:
<HUAWEI> system-view
[HUAWEI] interface gigabitethernet 0/0/1
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] loopback internal

This should help to achieve your goal and keep vlanif up all the time.
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