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IT cloud computing maintenance case V1.7 updated

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1, IT cloud computing maintenance case V1.7 (add 53), according to the accumulation of follow-up regularly push case set! Welcome to the placard, comments, feedback and suggestions. This routine updates supplement (including FusionSphere, FusionAccess, FusionCube three solution), welcome to visit, thank you!

2, Relevant case browsing, download please directly login Huawei business technical support web site: Lang=zh&idAbsPath=7919749|7919788|9856606|8576912&pid=8576912, just input case id can be  browsing the case online.

list Product  Released date CASE ID CASE NAME
1 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042372 How to Resolve PV Driver Installation Failure Caused by the Absence of VBScript Engine of Windows
2 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042379 How to Resolve the Difference Between Windows VM Time and the Standard Time When the VM Runs a JVM
3 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042663 How to Resolve the Difference in the Number of CPU Cores Between Task Manager and Device Manager of a Windows 7 VM
4 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042386 How to Resolve the Dsware Agent Installation Failure in the FusionCube Because of a Version Mismatch
5 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042392 How to Resolve the Error Destination host unreachable Generated Upon a Ping Test on a Windows Virtual Machine
6 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042398 How to Resolve the Failure to Load a Disk Driver for a Windows VM
7 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042416 How to Resolve the High CPU Issue Caused by Viruses in the PV Driver Process
8 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042418 How to Resolve the Inputoutput error Generated When System Commands Are Executed on FusionCompute
9 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042666 How to Resolve the PV Driver Installation Failure for Windows VMs Migrated to Huawei Cloud Platform Through the V2V Tool
10 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042669 How to Resolve the Startup Failure of SUSE11 Virtual Machines When Logical Volumes Are Created and Automatic Mounting Is Enabled in the fstab File
11 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042423 Failed to Associate Resources on Dell MD3200I Storage Device with a Host
12 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042468 Cloning a VM to a Template Takes a Long Time
13 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042471 Failed to Create a VM with a Volume Larger than 1024 GB
14 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000042992 Data Store Created on the Proware by Unifosa Storage Device Is Unavailable
15 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000043001 Error Code 30101123 Is Displayed for Configuration Distribution During Server Capacity Expansion
16 FusionCompute 2014.04.29 KB1000043003 OS Installation Failed During System Capacity Expansion by Adding an RH5885 Server
17 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043018 USB Redirection Failed on a VM Accessed from an SC
18 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043019 Automatic Logout Occurs After a User Clicks a VM Icon on the WI to Log In
19 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043020 WI Displays That the Internet Explorer Version Is Not Supported
20 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043021 Auto Disk Cleanup on Lined Clone VMs Used in Teaching
21 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043024 VMs Failed to Access the Internet
22 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043025 Large File Takes Long Time to Open in AutoCAD 2004 on a GPU Passthrough VM
23 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043026 ITA Domain Configuration Failure
24 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043069 ITA Virtual Environment Configuration Failure
25 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043012 Slow Identification of Storage Devices Such as USB Flash Drives
26 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043075 Automatic Logout Occurs After a User Clicks a VM Icon on the WI to Log In
27 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043076 Total Number of Licenses Is Less Than the Number of License Files in Use
28 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043077 Restricting Software Installation on VMs by Setting Group Policies on the AD
29 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043071 Modifying the Floating IP Address of the Database
30 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043029 Error Code 6009 Reported
31 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043078 Error Code 6020 Reported
32 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043079 Error Code 6025 Reported
33 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043117 Failed to Uninstall FusionAccess Infrastructure Components When the VM Is Powered Off Unexpectedly During RPM Installation
34 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043087 Preventing User Passwords from Being Expired
35 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043114 Clearing the Licenses Assigned for Former Employees
36 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043087 Preventing Computer Account Passwords from Being Changed
37 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043013 Failed to Mount a USB Flash Drive on a CT6000 Linux
38 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000043015 Personalized Settings in Windows XP and Windows 7 Template
39 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000042365 Failed to Access the ITA Portal Because the Maximum SQLSERVER Memory Is Not Specified
40 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000042662 VM Login Failure Caused by launch.ica File Downloading Timeout
41 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000042668 VM Registration Failure Caused by a winsock Error
42 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000042671 VM Registration Failure Caused by FeisuTudo
43 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000042638 VM BSOD Caused by a User Configuration File Error
44 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000042673 VM Registration Failure Caused by Inconsistent Clock Sources of the Active and Standby ADs
45 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000042674 VM Registration Failure Caused by Insufficient winsock Resources
46 FusionAccess 2014.04.29 KB1000042676 Failed to Run the Image Tool Because Security Software Is Installed in the Template
47 FusionCube 2014.04.29 KB1000042679 [FusionCube] Failed to Load the License File
48 FusionCube 2014.04.29 KB1000043008 VM NIC Undetected After VM Creation and Installation
49 FusionCube 2014.04.29 KB1000042690 System Initialization Failed Because of Incorrect Blade Position
50 FusionCube 2014.04.29 KB1000042691 Description About Hardware Health Check Results
51 FusionCube 2014.04.29 KB1000042680 How to Connect FusionCube to an External Network
52 FusionCube 2014.04.29 KB1000042702 How to Attach a FusionStorage Disk to a CNA Node
53 FusionCube 2014.04.29 KB1000042692 How to Log In to the E9000 Switch Module from the Management Plane

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Created Jun 9, 2014 04:18:17


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Created Mar 9, 2017 22:12:23

how i can have this guide line "VM Login Failure Caused by launch.ica File Downloading Timeout"
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Created Dec 18, 2021 21:57:45

Great ost! Thank you very much!
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Created Dec 20, 2021 14:38:19

Good share
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