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Introduction to Network Virtualization

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Dear All Today we will discuss about network virtualization


Introduction to Network Virtualization


Why the Virtual Network?


  • Characteristics of a traditional data center:

  •  A physical network port is mapped to a unique computer.

  • The relationship between computers and the network is fixed and seldom changed.

  •  Changes brought by the cloud computing data center:

  • A physical network port may be mapped to an unfixed number of virtual machines (VMs).

  • VMs may frequently migrate across hosts, and the relationship between VMs and the network is no longer fixed.

  • The traditional network architecture of the data center centers on north-to-south traffic, and cannot meet the future IT development requirements.

  • With hot migration, the computing capability is no longer fixed on a specific physical location. The traditional network cannot flexibly meet the requirements for cloud computing.

Emergence of the Virtual Network





  • The virtualization technology is extended from server virtualization to network virtualization.

  •  By means of network virtualization, VMs are deemed as running on different virtual networks on the same physical network.

  • Server virtualization implements VMs on demand, and network virtualization enables flexible configuration of the virtual network.


 Virtual Network






  • Similar to server virtualization, network virtualization can create L2, L3, and L7 network services in a very short period of time (several seconds), such as switching, routing, firewall, and load balancing.

  • The virtual network is independent of the bottom-layer network hardware, and can be configured, modified, saved, or deleted according to service requirements without re-configuration of the bottom-layer hardware or topology.

  • This network technology renovation lays a foundation for software defined data center.

Virtual network in the cloud computing environment




  • Independent development of two layers.

  • Software defined network.

  • VM cross-network migration.

  • Bottom-layer hardware maintenance.

  • High sharing of the resource pool.

Characteristics of cloud computing network virtualization





  • Traffic of different tenants cannot be accessed mutually.

  • IP/MAC addresses of different tenants can be planned independently or even overlap with each other.


  • VMs support cross-L2/L3 migration or even cross-WAN migration.

  • The logical network is decoupled from the physical network, and is not restricted by the physical network.

  • The logical network can span across L2/L3 physical network.

  • Scalability:

  • The logical network is scalable in size.

  • The logical network is scalable in quantity.


Network Virtualization Hierarchy



  • The first part is inside the server: I/O virtualization.

  • The second part is inside the server: identifying network packets of different VMs during virtual access.

  • The third part is the connection from the server to the network: network connection.

  • The fourth part is network switching: The physical network must be effectively isolated from the logical network. In addition, network devices (such as switches and routers) must have the 1:N and N:1 virtualization capabilities.

 Network I/O Virtualization



Virtual Switching


  • VMDq is short for Virtual Machine Device Queue.

  • SR-IOV is short for Single Root-Input/Output Virtualization.


Implementation of Distributed Virtual Switching





A virtual switch can be implemented at the following three levels:

  • Based on the server CPU: The virtual switch runs on the server as software to implement the virtual switching function.

  • Based on the physical network adapter: Some physical network adapters support hardware virtualization, and use the virtualization function provided by the hardware to implement virtual switching.

  •  Based on the physical switch: Some physical switches can sense existence of VMs using special protocols, and implement virtual switching at the switch layer.

Virtual Switching Implemented Based on the CPU



Characteristics of Virtual Switching Implemented Based on the CPU

Intra-server communication performance.

  •  The packet forwarding between VMs on the same server has good performance and low latency.

  • The virtual switch implements L2 software forwarding of packets between VMs.

  • Packets are not routed out of the server, the forwarding path is short, and therefore the performance is high.

  • Cross-server communication performance.

  • Packets need to be forwarded by the physical switch. Due to consumption of the virtual switch module, the performance is lower than that in the case that the physical switch implements virtual switching.

  • Flexible expansion.

  • This type of virtual switching is implemented purely by software. Compared with the physical switch that adopts the L3 chip, this type of virtual switching features flexible and fast function expansion, and can better meet the expansion requirements of cloud computing networks.

  • Large capacity.

  • The server memory is large. Compared with the physical switch, the L2 switching capacity and ACL capacity of the virtual switch are much larger than those of the physical switch.



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An excellent post about network virtualization has been included in Surprising Cloud Computing

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NFV is becoming an integral part of cloud computing now; especially in public cloud.  
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Network Virtualization is an integral part of Cloud Computing. This is a great post.
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