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[Intelligent Vision Documentation Issue 09] Huawei Camera FAQs

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Q: What can I do if I forget the admin password for logging in to the camera web system?
A: Method 1: Open the SDC Intelligent Management System (SiMS) and add the camera. Use the SDK account and password for verification.
                On the Maintain tab page, select the camera whose password you want to restore and choose Restore > Restore.
    Restore: Restore the camera to factory defaults except for the IP address, port number, and certificate.
    Fully Restore: Reset all configuration information such as user information, IP address, and certificate. Exercise caution when performing this operation. The default IP address is
    Method 2: For a camera with a reset button, hold the reset button for more than 5 seconds to fully restore the camera.
 If you fully restore the camera, all the configuration information such as user information, camera IP address, and certificate are reset. The default IP address is
Q: What can I do if black screen or artifacts occur on the live video image?
A: The following table describes the causes. You can troubleshoot the faults based on the site requirements.
Possible Cause Description
Control • Is not installed.
• Fails to be installed.
• Does not support the system version.
Does not support the system version. The number of live video channels exceeds the maximum stream channels.
Browser • The cache is full.
• The browser is not supported.
• The browser version is not supported.
• The browser is not opened by an administrator.
System • Video card driver is not installed.
• The driver version is too early.
Parameter settings Incorrect parameter settings
Hardware • The device is damaged.
• The cable is damaged.
• The component is not supported.
Q: What can I do if artifacts occur on the live video image and the CPU usage reaches 100%?
A:  Cause analysis: If high frame rate (50 or 60 fps), high bit rate (e.g. 8 Mbit/s), or small MTU (e.g. 1200 Mbit/s) are used, or if you have enabled multiple or all functions among recording, snapshot taking, super error concealment (SEC), tour, and behavior analysis, the system is overloaded and the CPU performance deteriorates.
     Solution: Change the frame rate, bit rate, or MTU value as required, or disable some of the preceding functions.
Q: What can I do if artifacts or frame freezing occur on the live video image?
A: Change the network transmission protocol to TCP. The steps are as follows:
    • Log in to the web system of the camera and choose Settings > System > Local Settings > Playing Settings.
    • Set Protocol to TCP.
    • Click Save.
Q: What can I do if live video viewing on the web page fails with a message indicating an error on the ActiveX control?
A: Method 1: Reinstall the control.
                a. In Internet Explorer, choose Tools > Internet Options > Advanced and click Reset.
                     After resetting the browser, close all Internet Explorer windows.
                b. Choose Start > Run, enter CMD, and press Enter. The Command-line interface (CLI) is displayed.
                c. In the CLI window, enter regsvr32 -u.
                     Drag the file IVS_OCXPlayer.ocx under C:\Windows\System32\ipc_webocx_vware\version number to the CLI window to display the complete command.
                d. Press Enter. A dialog box is displayed, indicating that the operation is successful.
                e. Delete the folder C:\Windows\System32\ipc_webocx_vware\version number.
                f. Log in to the camera web system again. Download and install the control as prompted.
    Method 2: Reinstall Internet Explorer.

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