iKnow: Huawei's Intelligent Customer Service Chatbot

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In this digital age typified by the emergence of technologies such as mobile Internet and artificial intelligence (AI), many of us live our lives at lightning speed. Against this backdrop, customers are showing a growing preference towards automated customer service, as traditional service channels such as phone calls and e-mails are unable to meet requirements for rapid responses. The rapid growth in new services also leads to new problems, many of which cannot be solved by labor-intensive customer service modes. AI technology offers the capability of solving high-frequency problems and reducing labor costs, making intelligent services a hot topic in the industry.


To meet customers' changing needs, Huawei Enterprise Global Service Centers (GSCs), together with the 2012 Lab and the AI Enabling Dept, developed the enterprise intelligent customer service chatbot — iKnow, which aims to solve user problems in a simple and efficient manner.

iKnow Works as a One-Stop Intelligent Problem-Solving Platform

iKnow has functions such as voice recognition, natural language processing, intent recognition, and intelligent search. With these functions, the system will directly provide answers to the existing questions in the database. In addition, even if customers do not get the answer they are looking for, they can click "Live Chat" to contact one of our customer service agents who are available 24/7 in all major languages. Engineers can use this intelligent platform assistant to improve the efficiency of information searching, quickly solving user problems.

iKnow Recognizes Your Questions

Users can ask questions either via voice or text. The system, supported by natural language processing (NLP) and intent recognition technologies, interacts with users and identifies their questions through multi-round dialogs. In addition, the system associates the input with items in the database, and recommends common and historical frequently asked questions to users, helping them quickly and precisely ask their questions and get the answers they need.

iKnow Is Supported by a Powerful Knowledge Base

iKnow has access to the knowledge base of Huawei Enterprise BG, which includes information about more than 1000 mainstream products, 200,000 product documents, 200 service tools, and 3000 project practices. The intelligent customer service chatbot leverages technologies such as data mining, machine learning, and knowledge management, thereby integrating and reusing the expert experience and case library. In addition, collaboration between users' fault information and cloud-based knowledge base is achieved to quickly and conveniently solve user problems and improve customer satisfaction.

iKnow Efficiently Provides Information

Based on the knowledge map, iKnow constructs a semantic network containing Huawei's enterprise business product information, allowing users to directly view all kinds of information about products, such as the overview, 3D model, brochure, and image gallery, as well as a large number of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). iKnow is available either through a web browser or on the app. By scanning the serial number of devices, customers can acquire information such as maintenance status and license, and get step-by-step online guidance on onsite operations.

In the era of AI, Huawei iKnow intelligent customer service chatbot provides users with wizard-based help-seeking experience anytime and anywhere, helping customers solve problems in a simpler and more efficient manner.

Try it out today:  https://support.huawei.com/iknow/


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