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Dear user:

Huawei vTools is used to improve maintenance of FusionAccess
For the purpose of ensuring that you have the latest versiontimely understanding of the version dynamics. We will post the release information of vTools here.


vTools suitable for: FusionAccess V100R005 and above version, users have administrator privileges in the virtual machine.


vTools Features List:

1. AD Checker: Mainly used for FusionAccess Environment set up, Check AD account's satisfaction, such as: permissions.
2. WI Test Tool: Used to replace routine manual daily check, by simulating user login via WI VM, and the results are fed back to the administrator via e-mail.
3. WI LOGO Changer: Used to replace WI background, LOGO picture.
4. Gather: Collect VM's software, peripherals, performance data.
5. Analyzer: Analyze the result of Gather.
6. Diagnostic: When VM can not be connected, use this tool to detection and repair the options which can be repaired.

7. Huawei vDesk: Used to discover and remove potential risks in your system and improve desktop cloud user experience.
8. Other features:
(1) Feedback: Feedback the problems of vDesk or VM (requires network up).
(2) Online Search: With this function, you can directly enter a keyword search on FusionAccess Maintenance Forum matching content and displays the results.
(3) Forum: Positioning to FusionAccess user forum.
(4) Help: Positioned to vDesk release information bulletin, easy to keep abreast of new versions vDesk dynamic. Replies can also directly feedback in this forum.


Next release: Release within FusionAccess, FusionAccess's URL:


Huawei vTools (English)-1332419-1


4th release: December 30, 2014
1. version:
2. Download Path:  >  SoftwareIT > FusionCloud > FusionAccess > V100R005C20SPC100 >
3. Main changed function:
(1) Solve the problem of 'vTools slow startup' on GPU straight VM.

(2)WI LOGO Changer: Adaptation WI change the image format, and adjust the picture size limit.

3rd release: October 11, 2014
1. version:
2. Download Path:  >  SoftwareIT > FusionCloudFusionAccess Tool  > V100R005C20 > Huawei

3. Main changed function:
(1) Internal code optimization.


2nd release: July 10
1. Version:

2. Download path:  >

 > V100R005C10SPC200 > Huawei 
3. Function changes:
(1) New features: online feedback, online search, internationalization (support in English).
(2) WIImageChanger: adapt FusionAccess V100R005C10SPC200 WI Image path changed, surport UNS.
(3) Connect Diagnostic Tool: imporve AD check inaccurate problem; solving AccessAgent port changes, the tool can not forward compatibility issues.

1st release: April 30
1. Version:
2. Download path:  > Support > SoftwareIT > FusionCloud > FusionAccess > FusionAccess Tool > V100R005C10SPC100 > Huawei 

This announcement will be updated regularly with the version.
If you have any suggestions / comments, you can feedback with vTool's online feedback function, or send e-mail directly to:


Huawei vTools team

December 31, 2014


PS:vTools Snapshot

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Thanks for sharing!
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is not being updated very often
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Jorge P. Cortes Sauceda
Customer Service Engineer - Enterprise Mexico GSC


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