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Huawei S series switches - a CLI-based and Web-based configuration video [All About Switches] Highlighted

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Hello everyone,

This post is about the Huawei S series switches - a CLI-based and Web-based configuration video for S2700, S5700, S5720, S6700.

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List?Function/Feature?Video Name & Link
1Basic networkingDeploy a Layer 2 Switch on a LAN
Deploy a Layer 3 Switch on a LAN
2InterconnectionConnect a Layer 2 Switch to a Router
Connect a Layer 3 Switch to a Router
Connect a Layer 2 Switch to a Firewall
Connect a Layer 3 Switch to a Firewall
3Switch loginLog In to a Switch Through the Console Port
Remotely Log In to a Switch Using Telnet
Remotely Log In to a Switch Using STelnet
Log In to a Switch Through MiniUSB
4Web managementLog In to a Switch Using the Web System
View esn and system information?
Shut down unused interfaces?
Configure the Access Interfaces Connected to PCs?
Configure the Trunk Interfaces Connected to Other Network Devices
Configure voice vlan on the interface connected to ip phone?
Set MAC Address Learning Limiting on a Single Interface?
Configure LBDT?
Configure ACL?
Configure STP Edge Ports?
Configure the Default Route?
Upgrade the switch software?
Install Patches?
Restore factory settings?
Configure web users?
Configure a Switch Using the Web System
Configure Layer 2 Communication on S1700 Through Web
5Interface configurationQuery MAC Address Entries and ARP Entries
Obtain Switch Information Through MIB
Identify a Huawei-Certified Optical Module
6LicenseApply for a License on the Website
7UpgradeUpgrade a Switch Through CLI or BootROM
8PatchingInstall a Patch and Check the Patch Status
9Basic configurationRemotely Transfer Files Using FTP
Restore Console Password
Restore the Factory Settings
10Interface configuration?Configure Switch Ports in a Batch
Configure Port Isolation
11VLANConfiguring Interface-based VLAN Assignment
Configuring Interface-based VLAN Assignment(FAQ)
Configure QinQ
12Loop prevention protocolsConfigure STP to Prevent Loops
Configure MSTP to Prevent Loops
Configure SEP
Configure RRPP
13DHCP?Configure DHCP Server and Relay
14MulticastConfigure IP Multicast
15RoutingConfigure Redirection for Policy Routing
Configure Default Routes
Configure Static Routes
Configure Floating Static Routes
16QoSConfigure VLAN-based Rate Limiting
Configure Interface-based Rate Limiting
Configure IP Subnet-based Rate Limiting
17ReliabilityConfigure VRRP
18Security and authenticationConfigure ACL
Configure 802.1x Authentication
Configure Attack Source Tracing
Bind IP and MAC Addresses
19TroubleshootingHandle an Optical Interface's Failure to Go Up
Eliminate Layer 2 Loops
Configure Traffic Statistics Collection
Troubleshoot a PoE Power Supply Failure?
Configure Port Mirroring

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Thanks for creating great resource !
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Very useful with Huawei switches.
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Thank you
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Hi ❤
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I love you bébé
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