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Hi, this is my first time with a HUAWEI QUIDWAY 5348TP-SI. 

I'm used to easier to manage switches that you can configure through a web browser, but I managed to learn how to access this one through the CONSOLE port. Reading the manual and doing some tests I discovered that this switch doesnt come with a web-config interface and that if I want it to have one I need to upload a web.7z file and then follow a procedure described in the manual at 1.3.4 Example for Logging In to the Device Through the Web System.

I have no idea of where to download this web.7z file, and also my account at is limited and it doesn't let me donwload anything anyways.

This are the files I see in my switch when I execute DIR:
Directory of flash:/

  Idx  Attr     Size(Byte)  Date        Time       FileName
    0  -rw-          6,808  Oct 01 2008 02:01:18   patchhistory
    1  -rw-          1,634  Oct 01 2008 14:01:50   private-data.txt
    2  -rw-            836  Oct 01 2008 14:02:08   rr.dat
    3  -rw-        109,082  Jun 23 2015 20:39:04   s5300si-v200r003sph010.pat
    4  -rw-            836  Oct 01 2008 14:02:08   rr.bak
    5  -rw-             60  Oct 01 2008 02:01:18   $_patchstate_a
    6  -rw-             36  Jun 23 2015 20:39:18   $_patchstate_reboot
    7  -rw-              4  Oct 01 2008 02:01:38   notilogindex.txt
    8  -rw-          3,684  Jun 23 2015 20:39:18   $_patch_history
    9  -rw-     15,694,636  Oct 01 2008 02:02:08
   10  -rw-         28,859  Oct 01 2008 02:02:08   s5300si-v200r003sph003.pat
   11  -rw-            626  Oct 01 2008 13:45:26
   12  -rw-             48  Jun 29 2015 11:45:12   dhcp.tbl
   13  drw-              -  Oct 01 2008 02:03:40   user
   14  -rw-             72  Jun 29 2015 11:45:12   mff.ini
   15  drw-              -  Oct 01 2008 03:06:04   dhcp
   16  drw-              -  Oct 01 2008 14:04:14   syslogfile
   17  drw-              -  Oct 01 2008 14:04:16   resetinfo
   18  -rw-          1,268  Jun 17 2015 01:28:02   hostkey
   19  -rw-            900  Jun 17 2015 01:28:16   serverkey

32,593 KB total (16,698 KB free)


Your help will be greatly appreciated if you could give me some straight forward instructions on how to activate the web-config interface with an IP ADDRESS... easily accessible from a browser with a username and password.

Kind regards!
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waiting for help
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Just open a ticket with Huawei TAC support (google "Huawei TAC Support", then choose the link for your country).

Once you have the email address, just send them an email. For me, i put the serial number of my huawei device in the subject line for there quick reference.

They will provide you the file and guides if needed.

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You can download the webfile from this link:

The archive will contain multiple files, the system software, the bootrom, md5 checking, and webfile. Please check.
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