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Huawei Modular Data Center for Ulanqab Municipal Government

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The municipal government of Ulanqab decided to launch a Big Data development strategy based on cloud computing and its ecology as a strategic industry to be emphatically supported. Specifically, the municipal government planned a 13-square kilometer information industry base in the economical and technical development province of Chahar.


Ulanqab proposed the development of a support center for the cloud computing industry in the North China region to support national and possibly global cloud business and serve as a national cloud service backup center.

A Cloud Drifts to the Grassland Huawei Builds a Cloud Data Center for the Ulanqab Municipal Government

The government decided that the new cloud data center would be located west of the Chahar Information Industry Base, which occupies an area of 5 square kilometers. The first phase of the cloud data center was regarded as the startup and core project of the Ulanqab Information Industry Base.


In 2013, Huawei signed a Cloud Computing Data Center Cooperation Agreement to jointly build the Ulanqab-Huawei Cloud Data Center. At this meeting, the people’s government of Ulanqab and Huawei signed a series of three-party strategic cooperation agreements with the following organizations:
• Economy and Information Commission
• Education Department
• Culture Department
• Health and Family Planning Commission of Nei Monggol Autonomous
• Region State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television
As Huawei’s biggest cloud data center in North China, it includes:
• 46 Smart modules
• 1,600 cabinets under Tier 3+ system architecture
• More than 15,000 IT devices
A huge cloud platform resource pool is based on these devices and consists of 200,000 cloud servers, 100 PB cloud storage, and 100,000 desktops.
The Huawei Modular Data Center (MDC) solution is characterized by simplicity, efficiency, and reliability, which meets the requirements for fast deployment, high reliability, and energy savings.
The MDC solution is prefabricated, shortening the construction period to 6 months — a 30 percent cut compared to traditional methods. The solution has the following security designs:
• System architecture redundancy
• Component-level security self-testing
• Compliance with Tier 3 and Tier 4 international standards
The solution uses Huawei’s efficient modular Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system to support large-capacity and efficient parallel UPSs and redundant 2N configuration for mains supply and N+1 for generators, ensuring the reliability of the UPS system for the data center. UPS efficiency is as high as 96 percent, meeting the requirement for energy conservation. The solution uses wireless battery monitoring technology unique in the industry to monitor in real time key parameters, such as voltage, internal resistance, and the temperature of the batteries, which helps anticipate faults and eliminate fire risks.
The solution uses the following technologies:
• In-row air conditioning and on-demand cooling, improving energy efficiency by 30 percent
• Advanced energy efficiency management technology to monitor the energy efficiency index of the data center
• Intelligent energy efficiency optimization recommendations, lowering Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) to 1.35
The in-row horizontal flow and containment aisle effectively isolates hot air from cold air. Modules with different power densities can be deployed together, compliant with the standards of a green data center.
The intelligent and simple NetEco management platform effectively manages the data center infrastructure, lowers O&M costs, and provides visualized management. Digital technologies with control and management over the cloud significantly increase the operation efficiency of the data center, reducing O&M labor costs by 80 percent compared to traditional data centers.
Huawei’s MDC simplifies data center management. The integrated services provided by Huawei — professional design and construction, abundant project management experience, appropriate planning of the Ulanqab-Huawei Cloud Data Center, and efficient implementation — significantly shortens the construction period and saves on operating costs.


Since Huawei reached that strategic cooperation of cloud computing with Ulanqab in September 2013, Huawei’s enterprise cloud has provided informationized service for more than 30 Ulanqab bureaus, greatly improving the level of government public services.
The cloud computing service is currently used by government organizations in Ulanqab. The business systems provisioned in the cloud platform include:
• eGovernment service center
• Administrative approval system for the municipal food and drug administration bureau
• Website cluster of the municipal government information center
“The commencement of Ulanqab-Huawei cloud computing data center has not only accelerated the transformation and upgrade of our city’s traditional industries but also provides powerful cloud computing support and data computation, processing, and technical services to the intelligence industry,” said Wang Guoxiang of the Ulanqab People’s Government. “This will pave a solid foundation for the development of the software industry and internet+ industry.”
That development has begun. In 2016, the Beijing-Ulanqab direct optical fiber link is scheduled to launch. At that time, enterprises in Beijing and Tianjin will use good-quality and low-cost informationized infrastructure services that rely on the Ulanqab-Huawei cloud computing data center. The cloud computing data center is expected to provide Beijing and Tianjin with Big Data processing and data backup for disaster recovery. Additionally, an eCommerce service center for Beijing and Inner Mongolia will increase business in the northern regions for Huawei’s enterprise cloud.
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