【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】

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【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-1

Issue 5,Nov. in 2013

New E-learning Courses

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-5Huawei VRP System Training 

New PDF Training Materials

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-6Video Conference System (9000 Series HD Terminal/MCU/SMC2.0) Operation and Maintenance


【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-7Video Conference System(9000 Series HD Terminal/MCU/SMC) Technology Fundamental

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-8Video Conference System(90 00 Series HD Terminal/MCU/SM C1.0) Operation and Maintenance


【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-9CloudStor(CSSCSE) Cloud Storage Deployment and Management Training(Fast-Track)

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-10Huawei eSpace IVS System Configuration and Advanced Maintenance Training


【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-11Huawei eSpace IVS System Installation and Commissioning Manual

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-12UDS Mass Storage Deployment and Management Training


【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-13DDoS Solution Operation and Maintenance Training

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-14High-end Firewall Operation and Maintenance Training(inclu de High-end Firewall Installati on and Commissioning Training)


【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-15T series V2(55T56T58T68T) High-end Storage System Deployment and Management Training

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-16VTL6900 Virtual Tape Library System Deployment and Management Training


【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-17HDP3500E Backup System Deployment and Management Training


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LVC Online ScheduleNov.

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-18

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-19HCNA-Storage Series Lecture

Date: 21 Nov.

Module 3: Storage network technology and application
Module 4:
Huawei Storage product and solution


Date: 28 Nov.

Module 5: Storage system management and basal configuration
Module 6: Storage host connection and multipath configuration
Module 7: SAN network and storage system routine maintenance


【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-20HCNA-Storage Training Materials Download

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-21HCNA-Security Series Lecture

Date: 5 Dec.


   Network Security Overview & Basic Firewall Technology  

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-22HCNA-Security Training Materials Download

Class Time:

Beijing Time: 16:00-18:00

London Time: 9:00-11:00

New York Time: 4:00-6:00

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【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-24 More E-learning Courses

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-25 More Training Materials

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-26 More LVC Course Schedule

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 5,Nov.2013】-1288051-27 Huawei Learning Website


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