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【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】 Activity END

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【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-1
Issue 2,Aug. in 2013

Headline News

<2013 Huawei Product and Knowledge Enterprise Customer Training Manual V2.0> Released
Compared to V1.0, <2013 Huawei Product and Knowledge Enterprise Customer Training Manual V2.0>:
1) include Certification Training Programs and Network Energy Training Programs;
2) add 29 Training Programs
delete 30 Training Programs from;
3) specially developed <2013 Enterprise Training Programs Fast Check Handbook>
for the convenience of choose training courses.

New PDF Training Materials


【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-7

HCNP-R&S (HCDP)-IESN Implementing Enterprise Switching Network Training

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-8

HCNP-R&S(HCDP)-IERN Implementing Enterprise Routing Network Training

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-9

HCNP-Security-CSSN Constructing Service Security Network Training

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-10

HCNA-VC Huawei Certified Network Associate-Video Conference

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-11

HCNP-Storage-CDPS Constructing Data Protection System Training

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-12

HCNP-VC Huawei Certified Network Professional-Video ConferenceFast-Track

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-13

WLAN Installation and Commissioning Training

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-14

NE Routers Operation and Maintenance Training (Fast-Track)

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-15

WLAN Operation and Maintenance Training (Including the Basic O/M Training)

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-16

TelePresence (TP) and RoomPresence (RP) Series Technology Fundamental

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-17

Video Conference System (9000 Series HD Terminal/MCU/SMC) Operation and Maintenance (Fast-Track)

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-18

Chassis Switches (S97/S93/S77) Basic Operation and Maintenance Training


【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-19

Huawei TP&VC Pre-Sales Specialist Certification Training

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-20

Huawei IT Server Pre-sales Specialist Certification Training

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-21

Huawei Contact Center Pre-Sales Specialist Certification Traning

Introduction of Learning Recourses

Public MaterialsAll users can view or download which include: career certification training materials, product training materials, free E-Learning courses, and LVC.

Channel MaterialsOnly Huawei channel partners can view or download which include: professional certification training materials, channel enablement E-Learning courses

LVC Online ScheduleJul.

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-22

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-23 HCNA(HCDA) Series Lecture 1th

Topic: Network basic and Static route
Beijing Time:15 Aug. 19:00-21:00

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-24 HCNA(HCDA) Series Lecture 2nd

Topic:  Dynamic Routing protocol

Beijing Time:22 Aug.   19:00-21:00

【Huawei Learning Monthly,Issue 2,Aug.2013】-1287917-25 HCNA(HCDA) Series Lecture 3rd

Topic: Switch Basic

Beijing Time:29 Aug.  19:00-21:00


Regular classes every Thursday evening, Huawei career certification training, free to join!


Tip 1How to participate in Huawei certification? Are there prerequisites or requirements to take the exam?
――For details, please click here
Tip 2
Dose Huawei have free E-Learning courses?
――Sure! Everybody can get the free E-Learning courses only need registration.

Feedback Area

If you have any suggestion or idea, please don't hesitate to share your mind and send it to, we expect your joining with better sharing.

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