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Huawei HCS-Field-IVS Exam Outline Highlighted

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HCS-Field-IVS Exam Outline

This post describes Huawei IVS certification exam information and training materials.

As a key project of Huawei Smart City,  a complete HCIA-HCIP-HCIE certification system will be deployed by Huawei IVS product line in the future.


1. Huawei H20-871 HCS-Field-IVS Certification Exam

The following table lists the exams, exam codes, exam names, and exam durations of Huawei IVS certification programs. This document describes the H20-871 HCS-Field-IVS exam outline. For other exam outlines, please refer to the corresponding training materials or obtain them from the website of Huawei,

CertificationExam CodeExam NameExam DurationPass Score/ Total Score
HCS-Field-IVSH20-871HCS-Field-IVS90 min100/120

2.H20-871 HCS-Field-IVS Exam Outline

2.1 Exam Content

The HCS-Field-IVS exam covers Overview of Video Surveillance Products and Solutions、Intelligent Cameras Introduction、Camera Hardware Introduction、VCN5X0 Product Introduction、VCN3020 Introduction、Camera Basic Operations、Survey, Installation, Selection, and Optimization Guide of Facial Checkpoint、Facial Checkpoint Image Parameters Commission Guide、Survey, Installation, Selection, and Optimization Guide of Checkpoint、VCN Basic Configurations and Operations、VCN Service Operations、VCN Service Maintenance、CloudIVS 3000 Installation and Commissioning.

2.2 Key Points

1) Solution and product Overview
a) Overview of Video Surveillance Products and Solutions
b) Intelligent Cameras Introduction
c) Camera Hardware Introduction
d) VCN5X0 Product Introduction
e) VCN3020 Introduction
f) CloudIVS 3000 Product Description

2) IVS Common Configuration and Operations
a) Camera Basic Operations
b) Survey, Installation, Selection, and Optimization Guide of Facial Checkpoint
c) Facial Checkpoint Image Parameters Commission Guide
d) Survey, Installation, Selection, and Optimization Guide of Checkpoint
e) VCN Basic Configurations and Operations
f) VCN Service Operations
g) VCN Service Maintenance
h) CloudIVS 3000 Installation and Commissioning

Note: This document provides only a general test guide for examinees. Other contents that are not mentioned in this document may also appear in the exam.

2.3 Learning Material
1)HCS-Field-IVS Training Material Website Link:

2) IVS Product Documentation Enterprise Support Website:

3. References
The following video surveillance training videos are recommended: Huawei Intelligent Video Surveillance System, Typical Cases of IPC Installation
Link to the enterprise support website:

The following are Chinese materials

Exam information:

Training materials:

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I am looking forward to a complete HCIE certification.
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What is the relationship between HCIE-EC and HCIE-IVS?
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Nice sharing.
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I need HCIE-IVS or Public Security
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Nice sharing.
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