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Huawei FusionCompute installation – Section 0 (What is FusionCompute? What are the features?)

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Huawei FusionCompute installation – Section 0 (What is FusionCompute? What are the features?)



In this article, I will show you what Huawei's virtualization platform FusionCompute can do and how to install it.



FusionCompute is a kvm based(Kernel virtual machine) virtualization solution developed by Huawei.


Virtual Computing


Server Virtualization

Server virtualization enables physical server resources to be converted to logical resources. Using virtualization technology, one server can be divided into multiple separated virtual computing resources.



·         Bare-metal architecture

·         Cpu virtualization

·         Memory virtualization

·         GPU Passthrough

·         NIC Passthrough

·         USB Passthrough


VM Resource Management

Users can create VMs using a VM template or in a customized way, and manage cluster resources, including automatic and dynamic resource scheduling,VM management (such as VM creating, deleting, starting, stopping, , storage resource management,VM security management


·         VM lifecycle management

·         VM template

·         CPU Qos

·         Memory Qos

·         Dynamic resource overcommitment

·         VM statistics

Distributed resource scheduling and Power management

The FusionCompute provides various virtual resource pools, such as computing resource pools, storage resource pools, virtual networks, and virtual firewalls.

·         Load balancing

·         Dynamic scheduling performed for energy saving

VM Live Migration

In the FusionCompute, VMs can be migrated between hosts that share the same data stores. During the migration, services are not interrupted.

Virtual Storage


Virtual Image Management System

The virtual image management system is a high-performance cluster file system that enables multiple VMs to gain access to an integrated storage pool to improve resource utilization efficiency.

Virtual Storage Management

Storage virtualization enables a storage device to be converted to a logical data store. A VM is stored as a set of files in a directory on a data store. A data store is a logical repository that is similar to a file system.

·         Virtual image management system

·         Network filesystem

Thin-Provisioning Virtual Storage

Thin-provisioning virtual storage enables flexible, on-demand allocation of storage space, which improves storage utilization.

·         Storage device independent

·         Capacity monitoring

·         Disk space reclaiming

VM Snapshot

Users can save the static data of a VM at a specific moment as a snapshot.


Storage Live Migration

This function enables disks on VMs to be migrated to other storage units when the VMs are running. The disks can be migrated between different storage devices or storage units on one storage device under virtual storage management.

Virtual Network

Virtual NIC

Each virtual network interface card (NIC) has an IP address and a MAC address. It has the same functions as a physical NIC on a network. The FusionCompute supports intelligent NICs (iNICs)

·         Bandwidth control based on a network plane

·         Bandwidth control based on a virtual NIC

·         Bandwidth control based on a port group member port

Elastic Virtual Switch

A virtual switch brings a new virtual switching mode to the networks of the FusionCompute, providing virtual local area networks (VLANs), and functions such as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) quarantine

Network I/O Control

The network QoS policy enables directional bandwidth configuration control.

DVS (Distributed Virtual Switch)

Each host connects to a distributed virtual switch (DVS), which functions as a physical switch





The VRM node manages physical computing resources in a cluster and allocates virtual computing resources to each VM. It implements VM lifecycle management by scheduling VM resources in a cluster.


Computing Node Agent. An agent deploys on each compute hosts to execute operations.


 A physical server that provides computing resources for the FusionCompute


The hypervisor of Huawei FusionCompute

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Very informative post on FusionCompute features
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Created Mar 25, 2022 12:44:59

Posted by user_4358465 at 2022-03-25 05:01 Very informative post on FusionCompute features
Welcome my friend,i will continue with host installation thanks
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Admin Created Apr 2, 2022 02:36:19

Thanks for your sharing!
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Created Apr 2, 2022 05:25:15

Posted by olive.zhao at 2022-04-02 02:36 Thanks for your sharing!
Welcome,my friend
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Created Apr 2, 2022 05:32:38

Thanks for sharing
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MVE Author Created Apr 2, 2022 05:46:00

well described
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Created Apr 2, 2022 13:20:04

Posted by Mahedi at 2022-04-02 05:46 well described
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Posted by Saqibaz at 2022-04-02 05:32 Thanks for sharing
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Thanks for sharing
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