Huawei Certified Network Professional-Video Conference Examination

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1. (True or False)Wireshark can process data and monitor the network status.( ) 
A. True
B. False

2. (Multiple choice, select 3 Answers)The GK provides the following functions.( )
A. Address translation
B. Access authentication
C. Bandwidth control
D. Conference control
3. (True or False)H.225 used for medial channel control including call signaling (Q.931) and RAS communication between endpoints and the GK.(  )
A. True
B. False

4. (Single choice)In H.323 protocol, the last number 3 means.(  )
D. GSTN and radio network

5. (Single choice)In normal situation, which part is not contained in the "endpoint"(  ).
A. Terminal
C. Gateway

6. (Single choice) RAS is carried at the UDP layer and this port number can be configured on the MCU,the default value of source port is(  ).
A. 1729
B. 1719
C. 1720
D. 1725

7. (True or False)ARQ carries information about the MCU including the IP address and port number and number about the endpoint to be called. (  )
A. True
B. False

8. (Single choice) In the H.323 protocol stack, dual stream is addressed by(  ).
A. H.261
B. H.245
C. 1720
D. H.239

9. (Single choice)( ) is used for conference control.
A. H.245
B. H.225
C. H.239
D. H.281

10. (Multiple choice, select 2 Answers)H.225 defines ( )signaling.
A. Q.931
B. H.281
D. T.120
11. (True or False)During the process to set up a point-to-point call, a GK receives two call requests(  ).
A. True
B. False
12. (True or False)The session description protocol (SDP) is a transmission layer protocol that defines multimedia sessions(  ).
A. True
B. False
13. (True or False)The SIP is a protocol that independently developed at the application layer and can be carried over different transport layer protocols, for example the UDP, TCP, TLS, and SCTP (among which the TCP is widely used).(  )
A. True
B. False
14. (True or False)RTP:used for Real-time data packets transmission; RTCP: used for Monitoring of RTP session quality of service (QoS).(  )
A. True
B. False
15. (True or False)PCM mainly includes sampling, quantization, and encoding.(  )
A. True
B. False
16. (Multiple choice, select 3 Answers)In video conferences, in order to improve the voice quality, we can use Audio Enhancement Technologies such as(  ).
17. (Multiple choice, select 3 Answers) Which protoclos are used for Data Encapsulation and Transmission(  ).
18. (Multiple choice, select 3 Answers)Acoustic elements contain:(  )
A. Timbre
B. pitch
C. loudness
D. volume
19. (Multiple choice, select 2 Answers)The( )differ human voices from each other.
A. Timbre
B. pitch
C. loudness
D. volume
20. (Single choice)In the Videoconferencing System, the requirment for the local noise must be lower than or equal to(  ).

21. (Single choice)Dynamic Dual Streams, Complies with the( )standard.
A. H.320
B. H.323
C. H.245
D. H.239
22. (Single choice)Dynamic Dual Streams,supports concurrent transmission of( ) independent images.
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

23. (True or False)Presentation can be video or a computer desktop.(  )
A. True
B. False

24. (Multiple choice, select 3 Answers)The HD endpoints support point-to-point calls based on(  ):
A. phone numbers
B. site names
C. MAC address
D. IP address

25. (Multiple choice, select 3 Answers)The HD endpoints support 16:9 output in(  ).
A. 1080P
B. 720I
C. 1080I
D. 720P

26. (True or False)Only when the remote sites support T.140, banners, captions, or instant messages can be sent to one specific site in T.140 mode.(  )
A. True
B. False

27. (True or False)The CP function allows displaying the video of two or more sites on the same output device at the same time. The number of the sites to be displayed and the layout of the site videos vary according to CP modes.
A. True
B. False

28. (True or False) T.140 Caption will be overlaid on the video of the local site, sent to remote sites, and displayed on remote monitors.(  )
A. True
B. False

29. (True or False)If the video format set to Smooth, the system ensures the specified video resolution first.(  )
A. True
B. False

30. (True or False) For cascading between MiniMCUs, in the case of default calling, the calling party will be the main MiniMCU and will stay as the main MiniMCU during the conference(  ).
A. True
B. False
31. (True or False)For Remote audio loopback, The test process includes audio input, coding, transmission, and loopback from the remote end and aims to check whether the network connection is normal.(  )
A. True
B. False
32. (Single choice) The LAN2 port of terminals is used to(  ).
A. Implement main services
B. Log in to the video terminal to capture packets
C. Take over the service on the LAN1 port if the LAN1 port fails to work
D. Share loads with the LAN1 port
33. (Single choice)The upgrade software format of the HD video terminal is(  )
A. txt
B. dat
C. tkn
D. tp4
34. (Single choice)The video terminal uses the( ) to read camera data.
A. Video cable
B. Audio cable
C. Control cable
D. Infrared cable
35. (Multiple choice, select 3 Answers)The three HD display modes provided by the HD video terminal are(  ).
A. Stretch
B. No stretch
C. Tile
D. Intelligent stretch
36. (True or False)If you forget the user name and password to log in to the HD video terminal web interface, the only thing you can do is to restore the video terminal to its default settings.(  )
A. True
B. False
37. (True or False) One continuous presence conference occupies the coding resources of one channel of continuous presence on the MCU. Each pane occupies the decoding resources for half channel of continuous presence.(  )
A. True
B. False
38. (Multiple choice, select 3 Answers)If the( )at the transmit end and receive end are consistent, the MCU can directly forward the video stream.
A. video protocols
B. formats
C. video type
D. bandwidths
39. (True or False) In any view mode, a site can view the video of any other sites.(  )

40. (True or False) The video firewall mode is a simple method used for traversal between private and public networks. Different network interfaces of the MCU are connected to different networks so that endpoints on different networks can participate in the same conference.(  )
A. True
b. False
41. (Single choice) In video firewall mode, the( ) must register with a GK.
A. GE1 port
B. GE1 or GE0 port
C. FE port
D. GE0 port
42. (Single choice)Which of the following cannot be exported from the device management page of the MCU web interface?(  )
A. Address book
B. License
C. Gateway/MCU
D. Status table
43. (Single choice)The default working mode of the MCU GE1 port is(  ).
A. Video firewall
B. Packet capture
C. Backup
D. Dynamic switching
44. (True or False)The FE port IP address cannot be in the same network segment as the GE0 or GE1 port IP address. Otherwise, network faults may occur, and the ALM indicator on the front panel is on.(  )
A. True
B. False
45. (Single choice)Which of the following users has the highest level of permissions?(  )
A. Conference administrator
B. Conference operator
C. Systemadministrator
D. System debug user
46. (Single choice)( )methods are available for sites to join an IVR conference.
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
47. (Single choice)The default IVR access number for joining a conference is(  ).
A. 168
B. 5000
C. 8000
D. 9000
48. (True or False)IVR provides an interactive method for joining or creating a conference.(  )
A. True
B. False
49. (Single choice) In Multi-channel Cascading, the prioritie at using the multiple channels is(  ).
A. they are the same
B. Upper-level MCU > Lower-level MCU
C. Upper-level MCU < Lower-level MCU
D. user can define it
50. (Single choice)The NLog V2 obtains statistics from the(  ).
C.Video terminal.

51. (Single choice)The NLog enables users to save collected network statistics in formats excluding(  ).
52. (Multiple choice, select 2 Answers) For the following technologies used for traversal between public and private networks, no additional network device is required(  ):
A. H.460
C. Static NAT

53. (True or False)After the NAT is enabled on terminals, the packets sent by the terminals can be changed with static NAT, DNAT, or NATP.(  )
A. True
B. False

54. (Multiple choice, select 2 Answers) The IP header in an ACF message does not contain the following:(  )
A. Caller RAS addr
B. Callee Number
C. GK RAS addr
D. Callee CS addr

55. (Multiple choice, select 2 Answers) If a public network terminal fails to call a private network terminal in videoconferencing service, what technologies can be used to modify private network packets to address this issue?(  )
A. Static NAT
D. H.460

56. (True or False) In essence, NAT is to change the headers (source address) in packets to NAT addresses.(  )
A. True
B. False

57. (Multiple choice, select 3 Answers)Video streams sent from the MCU to the recording server can be( )on the server.
A. Live broadcast
B. Played on demand
C. Uploaded
D. Downloaded

58. (True or False) A Network Diagnostician remotely instructs another Network Diagnostician to initiate a diagnostic test to a network diagnostician in another network.(  )
A. True
B. False

59. (True or False) The recording request from a video terminalis sent to the MCU and the MCU controls the recording.(  )
A. True
B. False

60. (Single choice)The recoded files can be downloaded and played locally in ( ) format.
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Correct Answer:1.B 2.ABC 3.B 4.C 5.D 6.A 7.A 8.D 9.A 10.AC 11.B 12.B 13.B 14.A 15.A 16.ABD 17.ABC 18.ABC 19.AB 20.B 21.D 22.A 23.A 24.ABD 25.ACD 26.A 27.A 28.B 29.B 30.A 31.A 32.C 33.B 34.C 35.ABD 36.B 37.B 38.ABD 39.A 40.A 41.D 42.D 43.C 44.A 45.C 46.C 47.D 48.A 49.B 50.D 51.D 52.CD 53.B 54.BD 55.AC 56.A 57.ABD 58.A 59.B 60.A
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If you have some example question of HCIA-VC exam ,please let me know.
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