Huawei CE12800 Assists VIPSHOP in Building a High-Speed IDC Network to Meet Annu

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In China, every November 11 is Singles Day, a popular recreational holiday. In recent years, most people have begun using Singles Day as a day to shop online, much to the delight of e-commerce companies. In 2012, a well-known Chinese e-commerce company reported revenues of CNY20 billion on this day alone, an eye-opener for the e-commerce industry as a whole. Singles Day can mean huge online sales volumes and increased awareness in terms of online presence; however, Singles Day also presents a challenge for e-commerce companies, with online traffic overloading Internet Data Center (IDC) networks. To process massive online shopping services in a relatively short period of time, e-commerce companies must build high-performance IDC networks.

Customer Testimonial:

“New network construction and network capacity expansion have typically involved considerable adjustment and time investment from the labor force. Huawei’s end-to-end replicable network design solution helps us solve this problem easily. Today, new network construction and capacity expansion are much simpler than ever before. We can easily build a new high-performance network and scale the live network.”

— Mr. Wenyong Yang, Director of VIPSHOP’s O&M Technology Department

According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), total retail sales of social consumer goods reached CNY1893.4 billion with a CNY61 billion daily average in October 2012. The rapid development of e-commerce poses a significant challenge for online shopping, where concurrent access traffic keeps soaring.

During holiday promotional sales activities, e-commerce companies worry about their websites and IDC networks. Online shoppers expect to receive deep discounts by quickly grabbing goods in their online cart and completing their transaction. E-commerce companies expect to attract significant attention from customers and achieve major sales volumes. As a result, these websites see a huge amount of burst traffic, and the network system faces considerable challenges.

VIPSHOP Challenges

Wholly owned by Guangzhou VIPSHOP Information and Technology Co, Ltd., VIPSHOP ( is a website dedicated to special sales offers. VIPSHOP focuses on genuine brands and offers deep discounts and promotions for a limited period of time. The number of VIPSHOP members has grown to over 28 million in the last 4 years alone. VIPSHOP was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on March 23, 2012, ranked No. 1 on DTT’s 2012 High Tech and High Increase list, and was honored as “The Best E-Commerce Company of 2012.”

The scaling enterprise size and continuous service expansion have brought considerable challenges for e-commerce companies, driving them to pursue capacity expansion; however, simple network capacity expansion cannot tackle these challenges.

VIPSHOP’s intranet was isolated from the extranet, which reduced employee work efficiency. As the explosive growth of big data resulted in surging network access traffic, VIPSHOP needed a new elastic IDC network that can accommodate future online service growth.

After ***yzing its comprehensive service requirements, VIPSHOP had the following ever higher requirements for its new IDC network:

  • It must provide non-blocking, uninterruptible switching capabilities.
  • It must be elastic and highly reliable.
  • Intranet and extranet must be converged.
  • It must feature high scalability, security, and maintainability.

Huawei CE12800: Helping VIPSHOP Build a High-Speed IDC Network

Based on its in-depth understanding of VIPSHOP’s network requirements, Huawei leveraged its Cloud Fabric Data Center Network Solution and CloudEngine series data center switches to design and build VIPSHOP’s new IDC network. Huawei’s goal is to build an industry-leading IDC network that features high performance and reliability, which helps VIPSHOP adapt to its fast-changing services by solving complicated problems in network migration, service expansion, security protection, maintainability improvement, and big data processing.

To build a highly elastic network and implement intranet and extranet convergence, the old network must seamlessly transition to the new network, and then smoothly evolve to the future network architecture. Huawei put forth an elastic network policy that implements distributed migration and step-by-step upgrade to smoothly and quickly migrate VIPSHOP’s services to the new network. During subsequent network architecture upgrades, the entire network can seamlessly evolve to the intranet and extranet converged architecture without large-scale adjustment.

To build a highly scalable network, Huawei not only reserved sufficient expansion room on the network itself, but also provided a replicable network construction solution. In future service expansion and network reconstruction, entire network replication and policy replication can be implemented.

To improve network maintainability, Huawei used its eSight Network Management System (NMS) to uniformly manage infrastructure devices, maintain the network via a Graphical User Interface (GUI), and monitor key information in real time. The eSight NMS works with the independent out-of-band management function of Huawei CloudEngine series data center switches. If the service plane fails, the eSight NMS can independently report device status and take fault recovery actions, implementing Zero-Touch maintenance in its truest sense.

To enhance the new IDC network security, Huawei provided a complete network design solution by leveraging its extensive experience in e-commerce network construction. This solution configures firewalls to ensure accurate control of each service flow and each external network access traffic flow. This way, intranet and extranet access rights are effectively controlled. The firewalls, along with Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) or Intrusion Detection System (IDS) devices, build multiple network attack defense networks. This solution also secures data communication between a local IDC and a remote IDC through IPSec VPN. The solution is highly replicable, not only satisfying VIPSHOP’s current network construction requirements, but also accommodating network capacity expansion requirements over the next five to ten years.

Finally, to solve the problem of network congestion caused by big data, Huawei reconstructed VIPSHOP’s existing network. Through the innovative orthogonal architecture of Huawei CloudEngine12800 series data center switches, Huawei implemented a non-blocking switching capacity of up to 2 Tbit/s per slot, which can ensure 10GE, 40GE, and 100GE line-speed forwarding of service data. The CE12800’s line cards provide a maximum of 12 GB large buffer, which can be dynamically adjusted and distributed on demand; therefore, the CE12800 is capable of handling large traffic bursts and ensuring non-blocking service traffic forwarding.

Huawei has taken advantage of its network construction expertise to design and build a new IDC network for VIPSHOP. By taking the network development trends in the industry into consideration, Huawei accurately ***yzed the customer’s service scenarios and traffic models, eventually winning high praise from VIPSHOP.

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