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Huawei Builds Global OpenLabs to Innovate with Industry Partners

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Hello everyone.

[Sydney, Australia, November 3, 2016] Huawei hosted the Huawei Innovation Day Asia-Pacific on November 2, 2016 under the theme of ‘The Brilliance of Exploration.’ This event brought together representatives from the industry, academia, governments and research institutes.

With a focus on topics about exploration in the future, attendees shared their exploration themes and innovation practices, and their ideas on how to adapt to future changes. To help enable these ideas further Huawei plans to invest in OpenLabs in Asia Pacific.

Huawei will team up with industry partners to build a flourishing ecosystem in the region, and drive growth through innovation. This will enable Huawei and its partners to help industries go digital in the new ICT era and face up to the challenges of the intelligent world.

Technological advances drove the first three industrial revolutions: steam power, electricity, and information and communications technologies (ICT). Technological changes are now reshaping our industries and will lead to a new industrial revolution.

Advances in new technologies such as the Cloud Computing, Big Data and Internet of Things will bring tremendous changes and innovation to many industries. All companies will need to work together to build a modern industrial sector, because no single company can build all these systems alone.

Neil Evans, Senior Solution Director from Huawei Australia, Giving the Speech

At the Huawei Innovation Day Asia-Pacific, Neil Evans, Senior Solution Director of Huawei Australia, delivered a speech titled ‘New Era of Alliances in the ICT Ecosystem.’ He elaborated on Huawei's philosophy, attitude, and initiatives for the New ICT era, as well as its exploration practices and progress to date. He said that Huawei aims to be the nourishing “soil and energy” of the ecosystem which will push the entire industry forward, and support ongoing social progress through strong, strategic alliances.

Global OpenLabs

Building OpenLabs is part of Huawei's strategy for creating an ICT ecosystem. Huawei hopes to work with system integrators (SIs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and independent hardware vendors (IHVs) to develop solutions for different industry customers. Working together with partners, Huawei aims to build joint innovation ecosystems, drive industry transformation, enable the new industrial revolution, and achieve shared business success.

Huawei aims to leverage the power of OpenLabs to bring together leading global and regional service partners. It will do this by:

1. Collaborating with partners to develop solutions and innovation capacity for industries, expanding the market, and sharing the benefits.

2. Building regional innovation centers, partner development centers, solution development centers, and industry experience centers.

3. Huawei focuses its strategy on ICT infrastructure, which it calls the ‘pipe strategy.’ It collaborates openly with industry partners to digitally restructure traditional industries, and power the new industrial revolution.

Huawei's OpenLabs are located all around the globe. To date, Huawei has opened OpenLabs in Munich, Mexico City, Dubai, Singapore, Moscow, and China, and has over 400 solution partners worldwide. Huawei is leading new ICT by creating an industry ecosystem, customizing industry solutions to meet local needs, and generating value for customer business success.

Huawei OpenLabs in Asia Pacific

Huawei plans to build OpenLabs in Asia Pacific (including in Singapore and Bangkok). These OpenLabs will deliver a Lab-as-a-Service experience for customers and partners in three areas: Smart City and Safe City, Smart Grid, Industry Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT). The labs will be functionally positioned to play four roles:

Innovation center: Huawei collaborates with customers and partners on joint innovation to drive the digital transformation of industries. These OpenLabs are working on the following joint innovation projects: Smart Grid with Thailand's Provincial Electricity Authority; Intelligent Nation and Video Cloud with customers in Singapore; and next-generation digital railway communication systems with SMRT Trains Limited (SMRT).

Partner development center: Huawei has signed agreements (non-disclosure agreements [NDAs]/ memorandums of understanding [MoUs]) with over 20 solution partners in Asia Pacific, such as Tyco and XJERA. With its global leading partner HEXAGON, Huawei has completed multiple projects.

Solution development center: Huawei is currently working with over 30 customers (such as SBS Transit) on key projects in Singapore. With Lab-as-a-Service and a complete ICT infrastructure, these OpenLabs are accessible to partners as safe remote labs. Customers can develop in the test bed, carry out pre-integration, and use proof of concept (POC), factory acceptance tests (FAT) or mirror environments. To date, these OpenLabs have completed POC for more than 20 customers, including Microsoft Cloud and New Zealand video cloud.

Experience center: Huawei is currently focusing on Safe City, Industry Cloud, and IoT solutions. With real-world scenarios, these OpenLabs support training and hands-on practice, and the sharing of global success stories.

Huawei builds OpenLabs and collaborates with partners to help its customers achieve business success.

Since it opened in August this year, Huawei's Singapore OpenLab has signed agreements with over 30 solutions partners and has hosted more than 100 customer and partner delegations.

Representatives from ecosystem partners also shared their experience of joint exploration and innovation in various industries.

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Huawei Builds Global OpenLabs to Innovate with Industry Partners-2086471-1
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Dubai, Singapore, Moscow, and China, and has over 400 solution partners worldwide. Huawei is leading new ICT by creating an industry ecosystem, customizing industry solutions to meet local needs, and generating value for customer business success
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