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Huawei Assists EVRY to Build SDN-based Future-Proof Multitenant Cloud Data Cente

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In the Fiery Competition of the Icy Nordic Region, EVRY Is Growing into an ICT Giant


With a 32% market share, EVRY is the largest IT service provider in Norway. Further, it is the second-largest provider in the entire Nordic region, serving more than 4 million people over 50 cities. EVRY provides business consulting, industry solutions, and infrastructure leasing services. Currently, EVRY has 18 traditional data centers serving more than 14,000 clients, including:

        The Norway Post

      Statoil, a Norway national oil company

      DNB, Norway's largest bank

      Telenor, a telecommunication services provider  

The cloud leasing industry is developing rapidly. In the Nordic region, traditional ICT companies are growing at a rate of 2%. The average annual growth of cloud service providers is above 30%. Research shows that over 45% of enterprise customers are seeking a better IT service experience at lower costs. Cloud services are becoming a new profit source in the ICT market by effectively reducing IT costs and improving user experience. To capitalize on this, EVRY is implementing a shift to cloud services. To achieve this and improve competitiveness, EVRY requires new data centers with architecture allowing fast delivery and flexible cloud services. Cloud data centers must support the quick launch, withdrawal, and the migration of tenant services while being easily maintained to reduce O&M costs. To improve tenant experience, self-service deployment of networks and services is required.


EVRY’s Decision to Be a Leading Cloud Services Provider

EVRY has 18 traditional data centers utilizing differing architectures. As the diversity of architectures complicates network expansion, the EVRY data centers bottleneck business development. Currently, data centers are scattered and cannot be centrally managed and maintained, increasing O&M costs. Furthermore, service migration across current servers and data centers is difficult. As such, guaranteeing user experience through resource consolidation is difficult. To address these issues, EVRY plans to build three future-proof cloud data centers, incorporating the services of the current data centers. Further, EVRY plans to implement a service automation solution, reducing O&M costs. The requirements of this undertaking are as follows:

An efficient and flexible multitenant network.

New data centers are required to provide cloud services to more than 14,000 tenants and accommodate over 4,000 10GE servers in each point of delivery (POD).

The data center network must be elastic to support EVRY's business expansion in the huge cloud services market.

Increased O&M efficiency to reduce costs.

Over 280 switches will be deployed at each point of delivery.

Application-oriented network automation capability, shortening service provisioning time from weeks to hours.

The enriched user experience by operating on a per-tenant basis.

To quickly adapt to changes in tenant services, central adjustment of millions of millions of service policies is required.


Huawei Builds an SDN-based MTDC for EVRY

EVRY has chosen Huawei's Cloud Fabric Data Center SDN Solution to build a multitenant cloud data center network. This network provides flexible cloud services to massive numbers of tenants, as well as enabling fast launch, withdrawal, and migration of tenant services. On this network, quick migration of services across server areas and data centers ensure a consistent user experience during service changes. Tenants are able to deploy their services and networks using self-service functions.

On the network control layer, Huawei Agile Controller implements application-oriented network automation, enabling service provisioning within several hours. The Agile Controller provides tenant-based network O&M, while facilitating unified management by visualizing the physical and virtual networks. Additionally, the Agile Controller is compatible with mainstream open architectures, allowing customers to define networks based on their own needs.

On the basic network layer, Huawei CloudEngine switches offer a hardware VXLAN solution for EVRY. The switches are compatible with mainstream virtual machine management platforms, such as VMware vCenter and Microsoft Hyper-V. This allows the deployment of multi-vendor systems on the same network. The high-performance hardware platform provides 40GE network connections to build an elastic network that is adaptive to EVRY's business growth.


The hardware VXLAN solution has the following advantages:

1. Service-Oriented Network Automation: Service Provisioning in Minutes

Previously, EVRY's service provisioning takes three to four weeks and requires manual configuration of tenant policies on multiple devices. As services are often device-specific, migrating tenant services across server areas or data centers is a difficult task.

The solution uses unified graphical service language to define network policies, simplifying service orchestration. The Agile Controller automatically translates service language into network configurations to complete automatic deployment of tenant networks. As applications are decoupled from the physical network, services can be migrated smoothly, and policies can be quickly adjusted.


2. Refined O&M: Visible on Each Layer, High Efficiency

Huawei Cloud Fabric Data Center SDN Solution enables visualized automatic operations. The solution creates a visual of the application network, logical network, and physical network, and supports resource mapping between these networks, allowing visual monitoring and measurement of resources. Varying permissions can be assigned to user roles, enabling hierarchical management of the network.

Huawei Agile Controller provides refined network O&M. For instance, it shows end-to-end service paths and makes forwarding paths between VMs visible. The virtual network is no longer a black box and can be managed uniformly with the physical network.


3. Compatible with Mainstream Open Architecture: Define and Expand Network Easily

Huawei Agile Controller uses the mainstream controller architecture and provides comprehensive openness to third-party platforms, network devices, and controllers. Customers can configure their service networks and expand network functions to satisfy individual requirements. Huawei Agile Controller enables the following:

Standardized measurement and visibility: The Agile Controller provides standard northbound and southbound interfaces, supports dynamic network resource scheduling, and visualizes network resources and traffic.

Intelligent fault location: Network failure points are quickly identified using Big Data ***ytics.

Active O&M: provides suggestions on traffic optimization, network capacity planning, and configuration changes.


4. Elastic Network with Hardware VXLAN+40GE Connections

The hardware VXLAN solution uses Huawei CloudEngine 12800 switches as VXLAN gateways and provides improved server access performance compared to software VXLAN solutions, and can be expanded to support up to 16M tenants. Huawei CloudEngine series ToR switches used as VXLAN forwarding nodes provide high forwarding capability on the VXLAN network. The 40GE connections between core and access switches will support data center development for the next 5 years.

EVRY: SDN-based Future-Proof Multitenant Cloud DC

"EVRY is currently in the process of launching new cloud-based services for the next generation of IT operating services with a greater degree of automation and self-service. This is what we call 'Future Proof', and we are confident that this concept will improve EVRY's competitiveness in a globally competitive marketplace…"

----Bjrn Ivroth, CEO of EVRY

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Created Dec 29, 2018 07:49:43

New data centers are required to provide cloud services to more than 14,000 tenants and accommodate over 4,000 10GE servers in each point of delivery (POD).

The data center network must be elastic to support EVRY's business expansion in the huge cloud services market
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