HP TC WES7 Batch Processing Task Execution Guide

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This documentfocuses on the WES7 system of HP TCs and describes how to implement thefollowing functions using HPDM:

(1)      Preparefor AccessClient deployment, for example, cancelling the write protection ofthe files and registries and removing the restrictions on the rights of the User user).

(2)      Pushand execute the AccessClient installation package or upgrade package.

(3)      Pushconfiguration files and certificates.

(4)      Collectclient logs.

1        WES7

1.1     TaskTemplates

(1)    Prescripttemplates: WES732-HDP01-Preparation.xml andWES764-HDP01-Preparation.xml

Theprescript templates of WES732 and WES764 are used to perform the followingoperations:

Switchto the administrator account and complete the following settings:

Change the write filtering setting toenable file-based write filtering (FBWF).

Disable write protection for somefiles (directories) and registries.

Removethe restrictions on the rights of the Useruser and switch to the User account.

(2)    WES7-HDP02-DeployAccessClient.zip:

Pushthe  AccessClient_Win.msi file to the C:/tmp directory of the TC and performthe installation.

(3)    WES7-HDP03-DeployConfigFiles.zip:

Pushthe configuration files and certificate files to the corresponding directory onthe TC.

(4)    WES7-HDP04-CaptureLog.xml:

CollectHdpLog files on the TC.

Note: Operations described in sections1.2 must be performed before the AccessClient installation package is pushed.

1.2     Preparingfor the Deployment (The following uses WES764 as an example.)

(1)         Place WES764-HDP01-Preparation.xml in thelocation that can be accessed by the HPDM Console.

(2)         Select HP WES7, choose TemplateImport Import Template (*.xml, *.zip), select the WES764-HDP01-Preparation.xml file, andclick Import.

(3)         In Task Templates, drag the imported WES764-HDP01-Preparationtask to the target TC, as shown in the following figure.

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HP TC WES7 Batch Processing Task Execution Guide-2668853-1

(4)     In the displayed dialogbox, click OK to deliver the task.Wait until the task is complete.

HP TC WES7 Batch Processing Task Execution Guide-2668853-2

1.3     Pushingand Installing AccessClient

(1)               Import WES7-HDP02-DeployAccessClient.zip. For details, see(1) and (2) in step 1.2.

(2)               In Task Templates, right-click theimported WES7-HDP02-DeployAccessClient task and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. Inthe displayed dialog box shown in the following figure, select  and click Editor.

 HP TC WES7 Batch Processing Task Execution Guide-2668853-3
(3)               On the  page, click Add from local to add the AccessClient_Win.msi file to bepushed, enter /tmp in path, and click OK. Then, click OK in the Template Editor window.

(4)               Enter Package Descritption Editor,as shown in the following figure. Set the parameters based on the HP TC type.Note the configuration items in the red box, and click Generate.

HP TC WES7 Batch Processing Task Execution Guide-2668853-4

(5)               After the task ismodified and transferred to the HPDM Server, drag the task to the target TC andclick OK to deliver the task andinstall AccessClient.

1.4     PushingConfiguration Files

(1)               Import the WES7-HDP03-DeployConfigFiles.zip file.

(2)               In Task Templates, right-click theimported WES7-HDP03-DeployConfigFiles task and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. Inthe displayed dialog box shown in the following figure, select Generate and click Editor.

(3)               Click Add from local to add theconfiguration file to be pushed and push the configuration file to thecorresponding path. For example, push the TClimits.xmlfile to C:\PermanenceDataPath\cloudclientand click OK.


(5)               Drag the task to thetarget TC. In the displayed dialog box, click OK to push the configuration file.

1.5     CollectingAccessClient Logs

(2)               In Task Templates, drag WES7-HDP04-CaptureLog to the targetdevice, and click OK to collect thelog directories.

(3)               The collected logdirectories are saved in the \ftproot\HPDM\Repository\Files\Captureddirectory.
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