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How to install Ubuntu 12.04 on HUAWEI server

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Hi, dear

This article describes how to install Ubuntu 12.04 on the HUAWEI server.

We use the RH2288 V2 server as an example, but the steps are the same for other HUAWEI servers.

Preparing for the Installation

The OS package

We need to prepare the Ubuntu installation DVD-ROM or the ISO image.

Download the OS driver

Please download the driver from HUAWEI support.

Configure the Installation Environment

1. Login to BIOS and set the system time

During the server startup process, press Delete. On the displayed screen, set the BIOS time to the current time, and press F9 to load default configurations. 

When the dialog box shown in the following figure is displayed, select Yes.

configure the sysytem time

2. Configure the RAID Array

During the POST, perform either of the following:

If you use the LSISAS 2308 controller card, press Ctrl+C to open the BIOS Setup menu and configure a RAID array.

If you use the LSISAS 2208 controller card, press Ctrl+H to open the BIOS Setup menu and configure a RAID array, which is required for the LSISAS208 controller card.

3. Steps for install Ubuntu 10.04

1. Log in to the remote console, and mount the ISO file

Please login to the BMC, and choose the Remote Console, then mount the ISO file.

mount the ISO

2. Choose the boot from DVD-ROM

After mount the ISO file, you need to reboot the server and then press F11

select Virtual DVD-ROM VM 1.1.0 and press Enter On the Boot Manager screen

ubuntu boot

3. Select the Install Ubuntu

In the Welcome window, select English as the interface language. Then select Install Ubuntu and press Enter. The local KVM screen is normal, but the remote KVM screen is blurry.

install ubunt 12

4.  Finish the installation steps as prompted

installation 12 page

After all of the steps finished, the server will be restarted, and you will see the login page.

login ubuntu 12

If you have any issues, you can tell me, or refer to the attachment.

Hope this can help you!

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Created Sep 2, 2016 09:57:57

Ubuntu 12.04 Installation Guide (RH2288 V2)

thanks for sharing!
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