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How to Implement Multi-Level VDC Operation [Demo Download]

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Hello, everyone!

Multi-level VDCs can flexibly match enterprises' organization structures and are combined with cloud services and approval processes to meet the multi-level VDC operation requirements of enterprises.

What Is Multi-Level VDC?

A Virtual Data Center (VDC) is the unit used by ManageOne to allocate resources. Multi-level VDCs can flexibly match enterprises' organization structures. In addition, cloud services and approval processes can be used to meet the operation requirements of various scenarios.

You can create a maximum of five levels of VDCs and set quotas for VDCs at each level based on the actual enterprise organization structure.

multi-level vdc

Trail Use Scenario

Enterprise requirements:

Assume that you are the owner of company A and need to implement multi-level business operation for the company. The enterprise structure and requirements of its departments for cloud service resources are as follows:



VDCs can be used to meet the multi-level business operation requirement.

This trial use instructs the owner of company A to use multi-level VDCs to match the actual enterprise organization structure and instructs common employees to request resources and provision services.

Planning VDCs Bases On Enterprise Requirements

The system provides the multi-level VDC function. You can create users and projects in each level of VDCs to flexibly match the actual enterprise structure and department composition.

Plan VDCs based on the structure of company A first.

Creating Multi-Level VDCs

After VDC planning is complete, create multi-level VDCs on ManageOne as planned.

Creating and Publishing an Approval Process

Based on the requirements of company A, requests of all employees for EVS disks must be approved by the manager of the head office (first-level VDC administrator).

The system supports approval process customization. If an approval process is associated with a cloud service, after a user requests the cloud service, it is automatically provisioned only after the request is approved.

Creating and Bringing a Service Online

The system provides various cloud services. You can customize services as needed.

Create an EVS for employees to request and associate the created service with an approval process.

Requesting Services

After a common employee requests an EVS disk, it can be automatically provisioned only after the request is approved.

That's all, thanks!

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I really appreciate your effort, thanks a bunch
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Thanks for your support!  
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It is very useful information, thanks for your kind valuable support
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