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Today I will share with you regarding the single battery internal resistance exception alarm.

Issue Description

The customer got a Single battery 15 internal resistance exception alarm on ECC800.


Issue Analysis

Possible causes for Single battery internal resistance exception alarm as follows:

Possible cause.

1.      Battery IBAT terminal or signal cable didn’t connect well on Battery.

2.      IBAT fault makes the measured value not correct.

3.      Battery Fault.


Possible cause1. Battery IBAT terminal or signal cable didn’t connect well on Battery.

Let BIM measured a larger resistance than real value.

Step1. Check if the IBAT terminal on Battery 15 is tightened or not?

1)     Remove the IBAT terminal form BIM15, then re-insert again. Insert the terminal into the iBAT port with force, and ensure that it is securely connected.

2)     Then refresh the intern. Resistance by hand as one of the Note3 methods.

3)     Check if alarm disappeared and Battery 15 has the correct value or not?


Step2. Check if the signal cables connected as below sequence?

Layer 1. Battery connecting kit,

Layer 2. OT terminal

Layer 3. Flat washer

Layer 4. Spring washer

Layer 5. Bolt.



Possible cause 2

BIM fault makes the measured value not correct.

Step1. Check if BIM15 networked with CIM successful or not?


Ø  If the indicator is blinking at long intervals, BIM has networked with CIM successful. Go to the next step.

Ø  If the indicator is off. We need to check if BIM connected well with the battery. Or the battery’s voltage is lower than 10V.

Ø  If the indicator is blinking at super short intervals. BIM is networking with CIM, the network process has not finished.


Step2. Exchange the BIM 15 with another good one BIM (such as No.16).

Then refresh the intern. Resistance by hand as one of the Note3 methods.

Check if this alarm still exists on BIM 15 or not?

Ø  If the alarm still exists on BIM 15, but BIM16 hasn’t alarm. The BIM 15 is the fault. Replace this BIM 15.

Ø  If alarm change to BIM16, but BIM 15 haven’t alarm. BIM 15 is good, Need to check battery 16’s signal cable connect well or not. Otherwise, battery 15 has a problem.


Possible cause 3

The battery fault.

If have the tool to measure the internal resistance, it can compare with the measured value with BIM.


Note2. Blinking meaning


Note 3. Login CIM Web.

1.      UPS Scenario

Find the IP address of CIM. If you forget the IP address, hold down the Default button on the CIM for more than 10 seconds. Then the ALM indicator blinks at short intervals, and the CIM IP address is restored to the factory default value (



2.      ECC800 Scenario

Get the IP address of CIM on ECC800.




3.      Login CIM Web.



4.      Enter https://CIM IP address in the address box of Internet Explorer. The login page is displayed. After you log in successfully, the home page is displayed.


Note4. Measure the internal resistance manually.

After we exchange the BIM (IBAT), we need to refresh intern. Resistance by hand as one of the below methods. Or we need to wait for 24 hours. Because of intern. Resistance update once every 24 hours automatically.




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Thanks for sharing.
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useful and important ...
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Solving a very important problem, thanks
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