How to Determine Whether USB Device Exists on the Host? Highlighted

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KeywordsUSB, device resources
VersionAll FusionCompute versions
Fault modeUSB device
Issue Description
It shows the USB devices are not installed on the host. However, through FC portal, view the device resources of single host and find the USB device does exist on the host. The causes for the problem need to be confirmed.
Handling Process
1. Log in to the FC portal and verify that the USB devices whose IDs are 0719, ff10, and 3773 exist on the CNA17 host.

2. Log in to the host and check the nc log. It is found that three USB ports are returned when the host invokes the virGetHostUsbDevicesCount interface.


3. Log in to the cd /sys/bus/usb/devices/ directory of the related host and run the cat ./*/bDeviceClass command. If the command output is not 09, run the ll ./*/bDeviceClass command to obtain the corresponding device information.


4. Check the product ID, and find that it was the same as the product ID on the FC portal, indicating that the USB device information can be obtained through the bottom layer of the host.


5. If the USB device information can be obtained, confirm with the customer whether the USB device exists on the host.


 The underlying processing of the host is that the /sys/bus/usb/device/ directory does not contain the dot (.) and colon (:). If the directory contains bDeviceClass and the content is not 09, and the values of idVendor and idProduct are not {"12d1","0003"} or {"12d1","0001"}, the count value of the USB is increased by 1.

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